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I am trying to understand how this app works. I took a picture of my receipt, then I was able to see the following transfer from the receipt to the apps: the merchant, date, and total. I selected the payment method and category. On the "add tax", I selected HST 13%, put in the subtotal and post to accounting. When I reviewed the transaction section on the wave desktop for that specific receipt, I noticed that the HST is zero. I had to manually click on edit and put in the HST amount. Is this how the apps work? I thought the apps would automatically calculate the HST and it will transfer it to the transaction section. thank you.

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    Hi, @csjahli,

    By all means, it should work as you say. There is an issue right now preventing users from entering an amount for taxes when verifying receipts on the app. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible, but in the meantime, you'll have to verify your receipts on the website, from the Receipts page.

    You'll still be able to upload your receipts to Wave from your mobile device, you'll just have to do the verification from a computer. I'll follow-up with you here once I have news about the resolution, but make sure the app is set to update automatically so that you can get this fix the second it's released.

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