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  • Jawad_Akhtar_CMAJawad_Akhtar_CMA Member Posts: 5
  • LeehLeeh Member Posts: 1

    I am a financial consultant in upstate NY - can I get a badge please?

  • LostInOfficeSpaceLostInOfficeSpace Member Posts: 1

    I am a Full Service Bookkeeper, tax preparer and business manager. May I have a Pro badge as well?

    "If you'd like a Wave Pro badge attached to your account, I'd be happy to give you one.
    Community Support @ Wave September 28, 2018"

  • ShannonDukowitzShannonDukowitz Member Posts: 1

    I am a bookkeeping business in the Juneau, Alaska area, and would love to know how I could get the pro badge on my profile.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,529 admin

    Hi @Leeh @LostInOfficeSpace @ShannonDukowitz . You've all been badge'd! All we ask is that you involve yourselves in the Community when you can, helping users with any questions that you're able to answer.

  • CamDan_ServicesCamDan_Services Member Posts: 1

    Hi Wave Community. I am new to this platform. I am a full-service bookkeeper in Central Virginia with 1 Wave client and looking to take on more. I specialize in Church, Non-Profit, and Small Business bookkeeping. May I have the Wave Pro badge on my profile. Am I allowed to add the badge to my business social media?

  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 421 admin

    Hi @CamDan! You've been given the Wave Pro badge! As with all the others here, we ask that you play a positive contributing role in the Community helping our fellow members. You are welcome to add this to your social media if you wish :)

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