Print accounts payable checks from Wave Accounting



  • ZekeobadiahZekeobadiah Member Posts: 0

    Wave is not very user friendly if I have to enter things twice - once outside of wave to print checks and once inside wave to record the transition. Even then, we run the risk of making a typo error. Please add this as a feature!

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  • shakespeareshakespeare Member Posts: 1

    how can I pay my vendors by printing a check?

  • Dirtrider146Dirtrider146 Member Posts: 1

    I'm really disappointed that this isn't a function in Wave. I would love to be able to print checks.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    Hey @shakespeare , at the moment Wave doesn't support printing checks for the purpose of paying your vendors, however I have merged your comment into this feature idea thread to add your voice as a +1 to the feature.

  • WaveuserKeithWaveuserKeith Member Posts: 1

    Adding my vote to add check printing to a roadmap item for the near term.

  • DavegmDavegm Member Posts: 2

    @Alexia said:
    Hi, @EmeraldPointe.

    Adding the ability to print cheques in Wave isn't currently on our roadmap, but we're always happy to listen to feedback from our users.

    I recommend reading this post about how we choose new features to build for Wave.

    Can you tell me a little bit more about your business and about how you would use this feature in the specific context of that business?

    I have made a template in Word for which I print checks. I understand why Wave does not want to open that can of worms, because look at all the different checks, different printers, etc. I liked that feature in Quickbooks but I like Wave so much more.

  • cekentinccekentinc Member Posts: 11

    I have vendors who won’t accept ACH pushes from my corporate bank account or else are setup such that only checks work. I’m talking mega-companies on par with Please integrate check printing.

    I’d still like to ALSO see billpay (for centralization), but I can already do that from my bank—can’t print checks anywhere. Thanks!

  • dannyboyLPdannyboyLP Member Posts: 2

    What's wild is that this has been a pretty popular suggestion for a few years now, and it would be a ridiculously easy feature to add. Printing is literally one of the most basic programming functions, and wave already supports printing for payroll, so it would be breathtakingly simple to extend this function to accounts payable. Lack of vendor check printing unfortunately demonstrates that wave's designers are missing a big piece in understanding how businesses operate. Many businesses would LOVE to pay vendors by credit card (points!), ACH transfer, online billpay, etc. but in many retail businesses check is literally still the only option.

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  • AmitSingh07AmitSingh07 Member Posts: 1

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  • mclunepivotmclunepivot Member Posts: 9

    Well WAVE, you have heard this request for 3 + years now. Your tool is growing and developing and I think all users appreciate the improvements you continue to make. I help clients find software solutions and Wave is one of my go to for accounting, invoicing etc. You have mastered the revenue side of the business, but there is such a huge part of a business and that is the accounts payable side of things. People need a way to pay their bills and if someone can't do it electronically they have to resort to printing a check. It's time WAVE, you just sent out a survey on the Bills page so I hope this will start the focus of being able to pay vendors and print checks when needed. You have check printing capability in payroll! Your users don't understand why you can't mimick that same function into accounts payable.

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