Create multiple invoices with the same number

Breathe_with_LaurenBreathe_with_Lauren Member Posts: 1

I have about 5 main clients that I invoice regularly, and I first began with invoice #1 for each of these clients. I’d like to continue with this numbering scheme- is there a way I can give multiple invoices the same number using the Wave App? As it is right now it won’t let me do this.


  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Hi, @Breathe_with_Lauren,

    No, it isn't possible to do this. Wave doesn't allow for duplicates in your invoice numbers, and our automated numbering system is built to prevent this from happening by accident. You could get around this by adding your client's name (or a different identifier) in front of the invoice number, but that would have to be done manually for each of your invoices.

  • dpDesignzdpDesignz Member Posts: 26

    @Breathe_with_Lauren I don't know if you decided on anything with this yet, but an industry standard thing to do is just put a dot or dash and have a sub number (eg 715-1, 715-2, 716-1, or 715.1, 715.2, 716.1 etc). It does still mean manually setting each number though, but it's a good tidy way to do it.

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