Is there a way to tell whether or not you've sent a payment receipt?

HandymanHeadleeHandymanHeadlee Member Posts: 42

When payments are received, up to this point we haven't been consistent in sending receipts. Is there a way to tell whether a receipt has already been sent? Thank you!


  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Hi, @HandymanHeadlee,

    No, you won't be able to find records of which paid invoices you've sent a receipt for. You could make sure to check the "Send a copy to myself" checkbox when you do send a receipt, which would allow you to easily find out which invoices you did send receipts for by looking at your own inbox. It isn't as simple as a note on the invoice itself, but it might still help.

    With that said, I'll forward your comment to our product team. It's useful feedback, I can easily see how useful this would be to you and other users.

  • ColinDColinD Member Posts: 5

    It would be good to have this feature.

  • fidofido Member Posts: 9

    Just came looking at forum to see if there was a way to tell as this is a real bug bear for me. Don't want to clutter up my email with copies of receipts and then have to wade through them all to try and figure out who I've sent receipts to - very time consuming option.
    Feature would be so useful. Would be great if at least it could just ask if you want to send a receipt when you allocate payment to an invoice in transactions, just like it does if you manually record a payment (but in latter case you then have to merge transactions). Ideally though it would just flag the invoice when receipt sent and present that to the user in some way (e.g. link shows resend receipt vs send receipt).

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