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SR1419SR1419 Member Posts: 1

Hi. How can I sort transactions by vendor? I used to be able to do this. I use this feature a lot!

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  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi, @SR1419,

    It isn't currently possible to sort transactions by vendor on the transactions page, but you can use the Purchases by vendor report to view all expenses linked to a given vendor. You can also filter by vendor or customer on the Account Transactions report by using the "Contact" drop-down menu.

    Finally, if you want to sort through bills by vendor, you can. There is a drop-down menu on the Bills page that lists vendors. You can choose a vendor from that list to only see the bills associated to that vendor.

  • mishtcmishtc Member Posts: 8

    The sort function on Transactions is not useful. It's a databased and can be sliced and diced by any column header, please code the interface to be able to sort by any column in the database, including Description/Vendor column, Amount column, Date column, Reviewed column, and Category column. There's is no programming reason why the database can't be sorted by more than just the Date column.
    For me, since the Receipt import is built to allow duplicates and you still don't have any good duplicate finding mechanism built in, being able to sort by Amount and by the Description/Vendor would be integral in locating the duplicates much faster than the hunt and peck that I am forced to do now. When I was working in Excel spreadsheets before, that was the best way to find duplicates, to use the Sort By.

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