Think my business may have outgrown Wave

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I've been using Wave since I started my business back in 2015. I first have to say I love the program and I hate that I even have to post this. It has worked wonderfully the past 3 years. It has helped me grown my business from its inception and now it is doing well over 6 figures a year!

My business provides IT Management and E-Commerce websites to my clients. Since the beginning I've bought/sold laptops and computers but recently I have got in with a distributor to make my purchases and resell them. So far it has helped grow my business tremendously.

Unfortunately however; today I attempted to create a Purchase Order and discovered that Wave does NOT have the ability to create one nor has any plans on creating the functionality. It's my understanding that there are "hacks" in order to make it work.. but that isn't something I am interested in doing.

This is a huge issue for me and quiet frankly it sucks. I just found out that they offer bookkeeping and I had called and spoke with a rep there and decided to go with their services this month... but this puts a halt to everything.

I understand according to the "How Wave decides what features to build" that they are putting service businesses first (which I am) but that doesn't mean you should exclude services that we actually do provide such as reselling ability.

So now I am exploring new software again (hopefully not Quickbooks) that can accommodate all of my business needs. Sorry Wave team...


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    Hi there @Thure, and thanks for sharing your feedback!

    I'm interested to understand a little more about why Purchase Orders are a requirement for you - and more specifically what you would expect to happen in your Bookkeeping when you create a Purchase Order. Would you record a liability to the vendor, for example?

    Also, assuming Wave did enable you to send a Purchase Order, would the next limitation for you, considering the hardware part of your business, be the lack of Inventory Management?

    If it were available, would you consider using an external Inventory Management solution that could issue purchase orders and track the movement of physical inventory, and that updated Wave bookkeeping and invoicing directly?

    Really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on this.

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    All I need to do is create a PO and have it keep track of the PO#. That would probably be enough. I don't believe I would need to require a liability (at least not in this one. I don't know if that will change down the road but its not a requirement)

    As far as Inventory Management the answer would be no. At least that would have been the answer before taking steps away from Wave... Inventory Management would not be a requirement.

    Being a Web Developer myself I don't think it would be a difficult thing to duplicate the functionality of invoicing/quoting and adding the ability to create a PO. But that could just be me... :D

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