Invoice send to other medium other than email

DeenShamshuriDeenShamshuri Member Posts: 1

I have been using Wave since 2 years ago and I would say I like the software and apps very much. It give me opportunity in handling my business systematically. I would like to suggest beside sending invoices and receipts to customer via email. Hopefully, I can attach the same to WhatsApp or other medium as most of my customer mainly on cash term and quite number of them doesn't have email.

Hope your team will consider it.

Kudos to Wave team

Thank you


  • CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 695 admin

    Hi @DeenShamshuri ! If you use the invoice app (Android and iOS) you can send invoice links through your messenger of choice (text, Whatsapp). The message you send will include a link to the invoice for your customer to view.

  • MatthMatth Member Posts: 4

    Hi Charlotte, please can you tell me how to achieve this on an iPhone?

  • alexlewiszarkosalexlewiszarkos Administrator Posts: 480 admin

    Hi @Matth ! While creating OR editing an invoice over the app in your iPhone, there is a "More" option in the top right corner of the screen. From here you can click "Message customer" which gives you multiple message options (including text messages) to send the link of the invoice to your customer.

  • MatthMatth Member Posts: 4
    Thank you
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