Copy a Journal Entry

mattschildsmattschilds Member Posts: 4

I do several entries every month. It would be nice to be able to copy the previous months, make changes and save it as a new journal. I can't find a way to do it now and it would be a very helpful feature.


  • TheTaxHoneyTheTaxHoney Member Posts: 1

    It's 2021 why is this still not an option Wave Apps?
    I do repeat journal entries why can we not copy a prior entry and change dates?
    For this client I did use Slick Pie accounting program for this very reason I could duplicate invoices which saved me SOOOO much time. In WaveApps I can't record the invoices as some have negative balances so I have to do it as a journal entry. It's time consuming to not be able to copy/duplicate prior entries. Slick Pie went out of business 3-31-2021 ugh so I'm back to Wave Apps.
    I'd like to stay here but, I need efficiency also....please bring Journal Entry duplication and Invoice duplication to light~

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