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Good Morning Community,

Please could you assist...

Is there any way in which one can export a customer statement into PDF format? I have had a few corporate clients who have requested their statement as a pdf.

I have tried to 'print to pdf' using the Nitro PDF creator software on my PC, but the attached is how it looks, and I cannot send this to my clients.

Is there another way to export the statements to PDF or have the option of attaching a pdf to the mail, as we do have with invoices?

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Thanks in advance



  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Hi @Lisa_7206,

    There isn't currently another way to download a customer statement as a PDF. They can only be sent directly by email at this time.

    Is this a common request from your clients? This is a long-shot, but did they ever tell you why they wanted this file as a PDF? Knowing this would help us understand the impact a feature like this could have on our users, so the more you can share, the better.

  • KCCPreSchoolKCCPreSchool Member Posts: 1

    If we can email an invoice as a PDF to a client, why not a statement? Also for accounts to be 'filed' or archived, we need to retain customer statements as at a financial year-end at least. Some of our clients (we are a PreSchool) pay sums 'on account' leaving part-paid invoices - a statement is necessary to keep track, and we need to keep a file copy on their client record of what we give to them at any time.

  • Lisa_7206Lisa_7206 Member Posts: 9

    Thank you KCCPreSchool.
    Hi Alexia, we would use the statement for the very same reason as the comment from KCCPreSchool. We also have 'part-paid' invoices and a lot of our clients request statements prior to settling the balance. As also mentioned, a copy on the client record is also needed.
    Furthermore, on the odd occasion I have had a client advise that they are unable to follow the link - but didn't specify the reason why and have specifically asked for a PDF which is very difficult to do.
    Please consider an option to attach the statement as a PDF as you can do with an invoice as this would be an invaluable addition to an already wonderful, user friendly accounting package. As would be a PDF option for the Estimates too, as we do a LOT of quotes. Thank you!

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  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Thank you both for your feedback. It's extremely valuable to us and we appreciate you both taking the time to share.

    @Lisa_7206, you can download estimates as PDF. To do this, just click on the arrow next to that estimate and choose "Export to PDF". I hope this helps!

  • Lisa_7206Lisa_7206 Member Posts: 9

    Thank you so much Alexia.
    Would the PDF for the statements be something you would consider in the near future?
    Have a lovely week.

  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 460 admin

    Hey @Lisa_7206 ,

    Personally I think it's definitely worth considering, and your insights here reinforce how handy this feature would be! I can't speak for an "if or when" we add this, although I'm happy to pass this feedback along to the right people. If you have other thoughts you want to pass along, please let me know!

  • mbolsingambolsinga Member Posts: 1

    I also feel it would be important to have the ability to download a PDF of a customer statement, as I occasionally have customers who make advance payments, and have multiple invoices. A statement is a very common item to send to a client.

  • James_HudsonJames_Hudson Administrator Posts: 107 admin

    Hey @mbolsinga , this thread makes the use case for exporting statements clear, and this is definitely good feedback to have.

    Because it's not currently possible to do so, if you do find that you require a PDF version of a statement, I'd recommend combining resizing your screen, taking a screenshot of the full statement, and exporting the screenshot as a PDF.

  • Lisa_7206Lisa_7206 Member Posts: 9

    Thanks so much for this suggestion @James Hudson

    I need to send statements to a few of my clients monthly, and struggle to 'print to PDF' which I thought would be the solution, but isn' your suggestion above of taking a screen shot and cropping may just work for me in the meantime. Will give it a try!

    Have a great day all!

  • CraigsaCraigsa Member Posts: 4

    I wish you guys would allow us to download customer statements, its a headache not being able to do it.
    Please fix this for us

  • AES_1AES_1 Member Posts: 1

    Hi All, with regards to printing a Statement to PDF, i do the following:
    1. Hi-light the entire statement using my mouse from the STATEMENT heading
    2. Right click and select print
    3. Select "Print to PDF"

    You can then save it in a folder and send to any client you choose.
    I hope this is helpful

  • Gary_FGary_F Member Posts: 1

    I just found Waveapps 3 days ago and was very excited to sign up and use this program. I am a retired fiscal and accounting manager that volunteers my time with 6 not-for-profit organizations to do their financial work. You can only imagine how disappointed I am to learn that your program does not print statements and invoices for mailing. Almost all of the contributors of these 6 organizations require paper copies of their invoices and monthly statements and the vast majority will not pay electronically or by credit card. Many require a printed copy of a receipt for their records. I am told by them that they do not want to waste time to search emails to print invoices. Additionally they comment that this costs them paper and toner.

    For 44 years I worked in private, public, and non-profit organizations managing fiscal operations and accounting functions. None of them use web-based billing for their clients/customers. It is standard practice to have a paper trail for accounting records. I spent 10 hours of the last two days setting up just one of my organizations and now I learn your program does not print batch statements and invoices for mailing. In essence I have wasted a day of my time and energy building a product that I now cannot use. I am assuming that the monthly sales tax reports cannot be printed either.

    All aspects of the program are excellent and would fit perfectly for my uses, but it looks as if I now must discontinue any idea of using this program. I certainly hope you will move rapidly to add the ability to print all transactions and documents in your program I believe your should clearly not on your web site that you cannot easily print documents with this program.

    I will continue to monitor your site to see when you add the print function.

  • Sach_011Sach_011 Member Posts: 3

    Has this feature been added as yet? I would think it is a simple feature to add as you currently have an export feature for invoices & estimates.

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