When will wave have different Languages

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I started using wave a few months ago, for a small company i just bought, i have used Xero and Quickbooks but has my pocket is now low of cash i started looking for a cheap abd with quality solution and i bumped wave, its a start up business is still low but growing so we hired and accountant that is used to QB because in can change the language to portuguese, but i don´t want to change and i am whilling to cooperate in the translation. think about it

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    Hi, @Angostrat38.

    While we know that there is demand for Wave to be available in different languages, there are currently no plans to add support for other languages at this time. We would love to be able to offer a Portuguese version of Wave, but we won't be in the foreseeable future.

    We do allow our users to change quite a bit of the language on our invoices through the Invoice Customization page, in your settings. That might be enough for the needs of your business, but if it isn't, there's, unfortunately, no way to translate more of Wave at this time.

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    Thanks Alexia.

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    Happy to help!

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    Please consider adding support for translating estimates. It's all most of us need! Thanks.

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