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  • richardwhateverrichardwhatever Member Posts: 2

    +1 for this.
    I've just been trialling Wave to see if it could manage our property rental business. However being able to generate a profit report per property is very important to us, and without tags or dimensions or similar reporting features this is not possible.

    This really seems like the only negative about Wave, but its a big one for us.

  • nick_pikenick_pike Member Posts: 1

    I'd like to add my +1 for this as well.

    My use case: I manage finances for my local Scout Troop. We have our COA set up to track things like Campsite bookings, camp activities, camp food, etc. I'd use tagging to be able to get a view of a camp or activity overall, (eg how much did we spend for beach camp overall, and how much came in for that camp).

    A critical feature would be the ability to report on the tags, essentially the general ledger with a consolidated list of transactions for the selected tag(s) across all income/expense accounts, as well as a breakdown by income/expense account.

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 760 admin

    Hey @nick_pike. Thanks for giving us some insight on how your business operates/how this feature would be beneficial for you as well. Full transparency, this isn't something that's currently on our radar.. but when we have an idea of what this might look like in the future (or if we actually do start planning this).. we will let our users know!

  • bufordr1bufordr1 Member Posts: 1

    Thank you for your update mid-February. We are a small church also in need of tags to track gifts and expenses according to a project or class model. My only workaround at this time would be to document the tag in the comments and track on a spreadsheet (ugh!).
    Thank you for keeping us informed and having it on the project roadmap. I appreciate your priority in helping fellow customers on the old system to get to the new system, but as you see this is a popular feature request :)

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