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    @ravenD I believe your comment above said to write ";Covid" in the Notes section of an expense, then export it to CSV, and do a search or whatever for ";Covid". However, I don't think the Notes field exports when you do a CSV export. Am I mistaken?

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    @kimhopkins - Choose Export data from the Settings, Other menu. This will create a zip file of your transactions. The exported Accounting.csv will include the Memo/Notes column.

    Once you have the data you can filter or create a Pivot table using the "tags" in the Notes section. It's quite helpful and is really easy if you are adding just one "tag" in the notes section. It's a little more work if you are creating "tags" for departments, projects or people. which is why adding the ";" will allow you to split the original Notes to multiple notes for each "Tag"

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    I have been using Wave for some time, I have also recommended it to others and helped new businesses implement it. I can no longer in good conscience recommend it. This is an absolutely vital feature for anything even attempting to go beyond a very small business. SMB - no way.

    I also do not accept the excuse it is difficult.
    Ok, I am not an IT professional but I have written stuff for years (about 40 in multiple languages). I could be fairly certain nearly all accounting systems are databases with input and output overlays and these are just another field albeit with more complicated UI changes.

    Given above, unless someone wants to tell me they are not a journal database with overlays then the stance makes no sense at all. Other than external links it could be written locally in access and an extra field would take zero time. Yes, most people don't understand other IT things but IT have a bad habit of claiming things are a lot harder than they are (I have had this as well and gave them a complete solution in an afternoon they claimed would take weeks). I can only guess it doesn't help with monetising. Except it does, you can only monetise customers you keep..... This is not a "nice to have". A multi-level chart of accounts is basic. You need an accountant to help you spec things not programmers.

    I want a p&l/income statement with one or two revenue lines I can drill down on, not 200 at the top level. If I or my clients can't do that then we use something else. Even for freelances, each client as sub-account. What exactly is your market? This is a pity as other than this I really think Wave competes well, within limits, with other things but this is a shocking miss and the fact it isn't in bright red bold huge font at the top of the to do list is frankly amazing.

    FWIW - I am both a UK Chartered Accountant and run a small freelance business with multiple clients and revenue streams.

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    Where is my post?

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    Hey there @thomssi ! My apologies, it appears that your initial post was marked as spam by our system. I have since resolved this.

    I completely understand that this feature may be of great value for you and your business and we do appreciate your feedback on this. As per Barsin's previous comment, based on Waves current accounting feature's foundation, launching this feature would require significant changes to our internal systems. At this time, building out this feature is not currently on our roadmap. With that being said, I'd like to clarify that we are not dismissing your input as this feature may be revisited and reevaluated down the line so we do appreciate you reaching out about this!

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    Wave - for the small businesses that use Wave, every business type that I can think of would have the need in some way for the 'projects' or 'tags' functionality.
    You really need to add this to be relevant long term.
    Is there any timeline for making this happen?

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    +1 For Job costing/ project tags! I left QB for Wave. Overall I love Wave but having no Job Costing/ project tags is a major shortfall. No job costing is the reason why I am considering going back to QB. The community has clearly asked for this feature and it has not been released after years of requests. I am doubtful that Wave is listening to the needs of their customers at this point. Launch a tag/ job costing feature soon or I'll be another one of the many customers that leave because this highly requested feature is not provided.
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    Is there any timeline for the sub-accounts feature? It is incredibly cumbersome to not have it and I am considering switching to another accounting software. I'd like to know if it's on the horizon before I switch.

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    @ravenD said:

    @Orlo said:
    Our Tax guy has instructed us to "tag" all expenses that have to deal with the covid pandemic as he expects some kind of tax deferral or waiver on those expenses. How can I notate and pull a report on all of these expenses without taking them out of their current categories? A tagging system seems like it would be the easiest but it sounds like Wave doesn't have that.

    I would add the text ";Covid" to the notes section. Then simply export your data as a csv and import into Google Sheets. Then you can filter and report at will using the TAG. I am doing this as an alternative to classes and tags as a built in feature.

    **By adding in the ; (semi-colon) before the TAG you can use the "Split text to Columns" option in the data menu (GoogleSheet) to create individual column headers for each tag used in a single transaction.

    This is a work around and is quite easy if you need greater reporting on a less frequent basis.

    Hi @ravenD , I finally got around to trying this. I tried exporting the Account Transactions report. There is no Memo/Notes Field. The only fields are Account, Date, Description (transaction title), Debit, Credit and Balance. No Notes field. No notes come through the export.

    What report are you exporting exactly that allows you to export the Notes field? Thanks!

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    Another possible solution is the add the ability to create top level expesenses. i.e. at Operating Expenses level. This would allow me to be able to do the total for my expense types with the "profit/lost" report...

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    I'm perplexed that a UI makeover has made it on the roadmap and was released twice since i've started using wave apps, 4+ years ago, but a standard feature like sub categories is not even on the roadmap. I count countless posts and comments requesting sub categories, and very few in comparison about UI changes, yet UI seems to be updated regularly.
    I have a total of 5 llcs, but 3 i cannot bring to wave apps because of the lack of sub categories, and soon I'll be looking to move the 2 LLCs using waveapps to other software if still no sub category feature is supported.

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    Do you choose/create every expense from under "expense accounts"? It seems if I choose a category under their prelisted "Asset Accounts - i.e. property tax", I can't select a customer.

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