Welcome to 151 new Wavers for the week of August 27th, 2018!

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Happy Monday, everyone!

Welcome to 151 new Wavers this week! We’re so excited to be working with you and we can’t wait to learn more about you and your business.

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If you’re up for it, please post an introduction below. If you’ve joined our Community before this week, feel free to jump in with your intro as well. :)

If you're a new Wave Pro, you can find a guide on how to get the most out of our forum here. If you’re looking for an accountant or bookkeeper, check out the Accounting & Bookkeeping Pro Network category!

If you are experiencing technical issues or you have a question about how to use Wave please post in this category.

Join us here for a discussion of future features and brainstorming.

We'll kick off again (as ever) with an icebreaker question:

Do you regularly work with an accountant or bookkeeper?

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  • KatyRogersArtKatyRogersArt Member Posts: 6

    Thanks for the welcome. So far, love the concept and idea of Wave, particularly the estimate, invoice, and receipt system. Love that I can take a photo of a receipt and it tracks it for me. I am having trouble connecting my bank, so I'll have to go to the technical issue area. I have an accountant I visit annually.

  • BeingbeadleBeingbeadle Member Posts: 1

    Thank you for the welcome! Wave is literally the backbone to my business and I am truly thankful I've found you guys!

    Beadle Media SarasotaOUT.com

  • KyleWalkerKyleWalker Member Posts: 6

    Thanks for the welcome! I’m excited to get my business going!

  • FlyTJFlyTJ Member Posts: 1

    Wave totally rocks! I can't imagine using anything else! I've got two businesses I run through Wave. The best feature is the receipts app!

  • Nkosana_TswareNkosana_Tsware Member Posts: 3

    Thanks for the welcome with no previous accounting background and desperately hoping to find an Accounting App that will give more insight on my business progress.I think Wave will give me that!!Excited for the Journey!!

  • Ashleys_events2018Ashleys_events2018 Member Posts: 2

    Thank you for the welcome, I Love the accounting app . I would just request if you can open up the payroll features for Kenya because currently it only USA and Canada.

  • Jawad_DaasJawad_Daas Member Posts: 6

    Thanks for the welcome. I have been running my business for 8 months so far using wave, I am happy with it, however, giving I am working in the middle east, we have some special cases different than USA such as dealing with multiple currencies, but I noticed some issues in reporting for for multiple currencies, I sent already , but will send again through technical support issues category.

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Welcome to the Community, everyone! We're happy to have you, Wavers old and new.

    @Nkosana_Tsware, if you're looking for a good guide to get you started with accounting and with Wave, I strongly recommend checking out Fearless Accounting.

  • FirespaceMusicFirespaceMusic Member Posts: 4

    Thank you for the welcome as well.

    We are building a music holding company with five executive companies that would make the bulk of our music services that we render to our clients. It seems that the music industry has forgotten about bookkeeping entirely and software like Wave is like a blessing from heaven.

    P.s. no we do not work regularly with an accountant or bookkeeper

    edited September 4, 2018
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