Invoices & updating of accounts

hnajeehnajee Member Posts: 11

How do I issue an invoice BUT update my accounts ONLY with my approval of the invoice. Invoices keep updating my accounts without me being aware of it and this is causing me problem with my books.

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  • Briella83Briella83 Member Posts: 23 ✭✭

    @hnajee, your invoices won't affect your accounts until you approve the draft and make it into a full-fledged invoice. Until you hit that "Approve" button after saving a draft, nothing will appear in your account.

    If you mean that you want to be able to send an invoice and get it approved with a client first, you might want to look at estimates instead. Maybe that's closer to what you're looking for.

  • hnajeehnajee Member Posts: 11

    Thanks a million

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