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I have been using the receipts function in the Natwest Bank mobile app, rather than through Wave, because of the way it is able to name the files with details from the receipt (for ease of reference) and it is able to put a two page receipt into one file (unfortunuately this is a function i require).

It think it would probably make my accounting easier if I could use the receipts function through Wave. Would be easier having receipts all in one place. So would be great if you could implement similar functions.

There's also the issue of when you add a receipt it gets turned into a transaction which then gets duplicated in the transaction list if you have your bank connected. Seems you either need to one or the other but not both unless I am missing something?


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  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi, @JMoore, thank you for your feedback!

    Can you tell us a bit more about the naming conventions and details you mentioned? What kind of information do you find is missing from the receipts in Wave?

    As for 2-page receipts, you're right, it's not exactly possible in Wave as it stands. There are apps that allow you to combine two pictures into a single file, you could use one of them to combine the pages of your receipt before uploading them as a single image, but that would mean a few extra steps of work.

    As for the duplicate transactions, we're working on ways to automatically merge those right now, but those features aren't quite ready yet. You can do this manually in a second. Just select both of those matching transactions and press the "Merge" button that will appear on the top left of the table. It'll combine both transactions into one and fix this duplicate problem.

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