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Hi, I just started using Wave today so maybe I just haven't found this yet, but... is there a way to create a generic invoice for the same product and just change the customer? It's a bit of a headache to re-enter the product and notes every time. But overall, great service, thank you!

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  • Finn_KingslandFinn_Kingsland Member Posts: 19

    Sort of!

    @Dave_R, you can create an unfinished draft for an invoice and save it. When you need to clone it for an invoice, click on the arrow next to it. One of the options there is Duplicate. Use that to make a copy of your model and add what you need to it.

    I've been doing this forever. It's like a mother yeast for my invoices (any sourdough makers in the crowd? No? Anyone?)

  • Dave_RDave_R Member Posts: 3

    Yeah OK, that's not a bad option. I wish I could add a title so I can have a few different "generics" and quickly clone them. Anyway, thanks! Now I want fresh baked bread...

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    I strongly recommend marrying a baker, @Dave_R. You have to get used to them waking up at 3 AM, but that's not a terrible price to pay for the constant influx of baked goods. I can't bake to save my life. Don't have the chemistry skills.

    You can name them differently, just put the name of your model as the invoice number. The field doesn't restrict you to just numbers, so you could have one with, say, "1st consult. template" as its number.

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    Got it. Great tip. Thanks!

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