Why separate apps for separate functions?

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Why is there a receipts app and an invoices app? It makes no sense to me. Why isn't there just a Wave app with two functions....invoices and receipts. As Wave adds more mobile functionality (like quotes) you add a Quote function to the app.

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    Hi @TimK.

    We've been thinking about ways to make using Wave on mobile easier and more intuitive as well. We do recognize that Wavers want to be able to do more on their mobile device, as well as consolidate their apps to have everything in one place. We have big plans for the future when it comes to mobile support, but I don't have details to share just yet. I'd love to hear more about how you use our apps in your day-to-day to get a better idea of your needs there.

    Do you use the mobile apps often? Do you use them because you prefer working on mobile or do you often have to invoice while "in the field", so to speak? Do you use the Estimates feature a lot? In what circumstances, in the context of your particular business, can you imagine you'd use the Estimates tool on mobile? Do you find that there are other specific tools on Wave you find yourself wanting when working from your mobile device? The more information you can share, the better we'll be able to understand your needs and the needs of other Wavers who's business might be similar to yours.

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    I would say I don't use the mobile apps often. I don't have a daily need for them as I am usually at or near a computer. However, having that ability when I am traveling is quite useful. I would say I use the receipts app the most in order to avoid forgetting to enter them later. Invoices I use occasionally but not often. I should use estimates/quotes more than I do, but I forget it is there and usually don't send a formal estimate (my customers don't really need a detailed breakdown - just a straight price). It would be nice, again if I am traveling, to be able to shoot off an estimate on my phone. I'd have better track of my customers and appear even more professional.
    As far as more tools on Wave mobile, I would just like to be able to review my account, categorize and verify transactions, etc. That would be "nice", but all of that stuff can usually wait and is probably easier to do on a computer. I can't think of anything else I need or want from the apps, other than to be combined into one interface instead of two. Adding estimates would probably be helpful to other users more than me, but I would say that is probably the next most important feature to add.

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    Thanks for the follow-up, @TimK. We appreciate you taking the time.

    I can promise you there are quite a few things we'd love to bring to mobile as well! Our mobile team is working relentlessly to improve our apps as they currently exist, and they have some great plans for the future. I'll send your feedback their way :)

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