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I am the accountant for a client. The client uses Wave Receipts App to get the documents to me. We loaded the client's bank details on my account, otherwise I can't access the bank details if a collaborator on the client account (This doesn't make sense, as the support I can then provide as a accountant becomes very limited if only one profile can see the bank account)

But when I invited my client as collaborate on the wave business, they somehow created a new business in wave and have been loading their receipts there for a few months.
How can I get these receipts into the correct Wave business?


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    Hi @JohanPottie.

    They'll have to change the business they're uploading on, on the app. They can do that by tapping the cog symbol in the top right corner and going to "Switch business". Once they've chosen the right business, they'll start uploading their receipts there from now on.

    As for the older receipts, the easiest way to do it would be for them to log into Wave on a computer and download the receipts they uploaded to the wrong business in bulk, and then re-upload those pictures to the right business.

    They'll have to go to the settings page for the accidentally created business and click on "Data Export" at the very bottom of that page. They'll see an option to download all of their receipt in a handy zip file there. They'll be able to upload those themselves or forward the zip file your way.

    It'll still mean re-processing all of them, so that'll be a bit of work, but it's the quickest and simplest way to handle this situation.

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