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It appears that if I enter a manual journal rather than income or expense (which is misleading as they seem to mean deposit or withdrawal) I cannot then allocate against a bill or invoice.

I realise in general manual journals are probably supposed to be exceptions rather than the norm but if the journal is from a payment account it would be nice to have the allocation option as I do when using the other two entry options rather than paying from the bill screen.

Reason this came about is I was setting stuff up for someone and didn't have access to stuff other than bank statements so just journalled everything so at least cash was right. Upshot is to now do things "properly" once the bills are entered, I need record payment which duplicates cash flows (or I will have uncleared creditors/debtors) which I then need to reverse the original entries (or cancel but some of them represent multiple bills - total daily cashflow). If I could just allocate those cashflows already there it would be a lot easier but seems like there is no way to tell it Cr Cash was actually a withdrawal if that makes sense....

I also realise half of this is my fault but new system etc but nevertheless this sort of allocation ability for manual journals would be useful.

Potentially the merge function may help with some of this, not tried yet but nevertheless I find it a bit odd it is outside the manual journal scope.


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    Hi, @thomssi.

    It isn't possible to use a journal entry to cover the payment of a bill or invoice because each line in a journal entry needs to be assigned to a category. While "Payment for a bill/invoice" appear as categories on the Transactions page, they aren't actually that. They're a shorthand for turning a simple transaction into a more complex double-entry accounting transaction that exists in the background.

    It might be easier to just upload your bank statements to Wave and start from there.

    Also, if you'd like me to point you towards a few resources to help get you started, I'd be happy to do so.

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    Hi @Alexia

    Thanks for the reply. I realise you can't do this but was not sure why not, ultimately everything is double entry.

    In terms of the banks, I had tried looking at that but this is a fairly obscure bank in Dubai and don't think it is supported for them (Noor bank). Also while it means I have done more work than needed the number of transactions are fairly minimal so not a huge deal.

    Anyway, I am basically done now, it is just the inability to allocate against a bill means I have done everything twice and sort of wanted to make sure others don't do the same thing. Well I did it once and someone else is doing the second bit so actually it gives me a bit of a control via the reconciliation that they have done it properly.



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    Hi, @thomssi.

    Uploading your bank statement doesn't require you to connect it through our bank connection system. You just have to download your bank statement in one of the formats we support, and upload it through your Transactions page by clicking "More" and then choosing "Upload a bank statement".

    Even if you're already done with setting up, it might still be a useful thing to use later down the road.

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