How to make invoice with credit card

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Hello, I am able to make an invoice with the option to get paid with credit/debit card on one of my companies that is located in New Zealand and uses NZD, but with another one that is located in the US and uses USD it does not show me an option to make an invoice with credit/debit card, why is that and can it be fixed?

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    What are the Country and Currency settings in your business profile for the second business? To see this you need to click on the business name on the top left menu and from there select "Manage your profile" --> "Businesses" --> Select your US business.

    The currency and country for that business must be US, USD. If it's NZD, then you cannot invoice your customers in USD.

    You cannot change the currency set for a business in Wave, however, you can try creating a new business with the correct Country+Currency (US+ USD) setup.

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    Got it - thanks!

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