Printing Invoice on POS Thermal Printer

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Hi All :) Would appreciate some pointers on any Wave users that had some experience in printing invoices on POS Thermal Printer. Had attempted on mine which had a very blurry output. (Image as attached)

Maybe there is some specific settings that could be explored or could be implemented by Wave itself. A Zillion Thanks!!!

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    Hi, @SiHulk.

    Do you find you have this issue printing other PDF files with this printer? I know those are typically built to print out receipts, rather than letter-sized or A4-sized invoice. If it's the case for yours, it might just be an issue of scale. Making sure your printer's drivers are up to date might also help.

    Can you give us a bit more information on that printer? What model do you use? There might be more information in your printer's manual, I'd recommend taking a look there as well.

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    Hi, when I am unable to print my important document from my Bluetooth printer it prints a blurry output. I am unable to read out the document I am unhappy to use my Dell printer then we find out one important number of Dell Bluetooth Driver that provides instant help.

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    Mine came out blurry also. Mine is on a Star TSP100 printer. Scaled it the best I could.

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    I agree that having a printout of a contract or invoice is helpful. We also employ email and digital signatures, but many of our customers come to us to fix a technical problem like (cheap ink printer), not to jump through hoops to send an email or sign a document that they'll only print for their accountants.

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