Welcome to 168 new Wavers for the week of August 13th, 2018!

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Happy Monday, everyone!

Welcome to 168 new Wavers this week! We’re so excited to be working with you and we can’t wait to learn more about you and your business.

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Icebreaker for this week

Where do you go, or who do you go to, when you need help with your business?

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  • MarkCMarkC Member Posts: 2

    Hi everyone. My name is Mark and I'm starting up a subscription based web design business to make it affordable for small business to get a website. Haven't launched my own website just yet, so I'll post in this forum when I have.

    **Where do you go, or who do you go to, when you need help with your business? **I hit Google. Read as much as possible - but not Wikipedia. I also bounce ideas off friends and get them to proof read for me when possible.

  • rosie001rosie001 Member Posts: 5

    Hi everyone, I'm Rose and I run RED Virtual Solutions, providing flexible professional administrative, secretarial and creative assistance and support to busy entrepreneurs in companies of all sizes. My main focus is on words - transcription, proofreading, content-writing, formatting - but really I do all sorts of different things every day - which is one of the reasons I enjoy it so much!

    'Where do you go, or who do you go to, when you need help with your business?' I am a member of a fantastic VA Members' Club and most of my queries are directed towards my fellow members, although Google is a pretty good friend too!

  • KatWaveKatWave Administrator Posts: 2 admin

    Hi, All! I'm Kat - I work for Wave as the Manager, People & Culture, supporting all of the fantastic folks who make Wave what it is!

    Although I work for Wave full time, I'm involved with a few businesses on the side (icecream, anyone?); part of why I wanted to work at Wave is because I believe so strongly in our Brave Entrepreneurs - folks like you - because I am one, too. When I need help, I'm fortunate to have a great support system amongst my family of Entrepreneurs, who've been there and done the whole small biz thing several times over. That being said, it's wonderful to be a part of a community of folks who are figuring it out, like I am.

    When I'm not working with our phenomenal team here at Wave, you'll find me scooping ice cream (trying to avoid eating it), petting dogs, and learning more about HR and inclusion in tech.

  • KatWaveKatWave Administrator Posts: 2 admin

    @RachelGeeksOut said:
    Hi everyone! Long time fan of Wave and co-founder of She Geeks Out, we run fun events for tech and tech-adjacent women and offer corporate training on diversity, equity, and inclusion. :)

    Hey Rachel - this is awesome. If She Geeks Out ever comes Toronto way, this would be great to explore for our team at Wave! Always looking to build our skills in these areas :)

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  • RachelGeeksOutRachelGeeksOut Member Posts: 17

    Ahh we'd love that! We certainly travel and we're working on an online solution, so stay tuned. Happy to connect! :D

  • CADeeptiCADeepti Member Posts: 3

    Hi All!

    I am Deepti, a Chartered Accountant (CPA) by profession and have been working in the finance and accounting domain for 16+ years now. I worked with big companies like GE, HSBC & IBM and have recently started my small little consultancy firm. Recently designed my own website:

    Just trying to learn new things everyday and equip myself. Great to connect with awesome people like you!

  • EnsignBellaRoEnsignBellaRo Member Posts: 28 ✭✭

    Not new on here or anything, but I still thought I'd say hi!

    Welcome, everyone!

    I have a pair of business partners I rely on for just about everything. Whenever something comes up and I need help, I reach for our Slack window. Between the three of us and decent googling skills, we managed to tackle pretty much anything. We all have our own network to tap into as well. Basically, my best tool is other people. My next best tool is being the kind of person who isn't embarrassed to ask a stupid question!

  • clo_rotukuclo_rotuku Member Posts: 3

    Hi everyone. Sorry for the late introduction. I am Arif of Rotuku.com, startup company operating less than 2 years based in Brunei Darussalam. Rotuku.com actually a merchant gateway where we assist the ASEAN Local SMEs in marketing and distributing their products & services both online and offline throughout the market.

    Cheers everyone :wink:

  • BWI_BWI_ Member Posts: 14

    Hi everyone. My name is Rendani and I a diversified business based in South Africa that provide affordable ecommerce developments and telephony solutions for small business. our two ecommerce are: http://bwistudios.co.za and http://virtualspeed.co.za.

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