Tax is not applied in reports

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Hi there,

I have found an issue in the system. When I upload a receipt and manually add the amount of tax (VAT) it works but as soon as you edit the receipt (from transaction menu) it removes it from tax and in the reports it doesn't count it.
The following images show the problem:

  • There are couple of tax categories
  • If I select a category in receipt, I need to set the amount manually which is silly but works
  • If I edit or add the tax from transaction then it doesn't work


  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi @nam.

    I'm not sure I understand the issue here. Would you mind going into more details? From what I can see from your receipt, you have a total (which is after-tax) of $654.36. Of that total $136.65 represent your BTW tax. This is the only tax represented on that receipt as you entered it.

    As for the tax appearing in your report, can you confirm that you've set those sales taxes as recoverable? If they haven't been, they won't appear on your Sales tax report.

  • LeeaLeea Member Posts: 5

    Dear @Alexia,

    The problem is that I have set tax for all invoices and for some reason I wanted to edit them. When I edit the tax part of the invoice the BTW tag gets removed but shows the new settings. For instance I removed the manual calculation of tax (I will explain it problem later) and added 7% to the one with 69 euros but doesn't show BTW tag anymore and can't see it in any report while it is calculated.

    And the problem of the manual calculation.
    When a receipt is uploaded, it gives me the ability to select the tax group but I need to fill the amount to, if I leave it it will take it as 0. When I define a class for a tax and say it is 20% it should not take it manually.

  • LeeaLeea Member Posts: 5

    I think the best idea is to be like other apps and don't need to upload documents on the different section. Like a simple application let users upload supporting documents (even more than one) for each transaction regardless being withdrawal or deposit.

  • LeeaLeea Member Posts: 5

    I have found my problem :smile:
    When I defined "Sales Tax". I didn't mention that this tax is recoverable.

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Happy to hear you found the issue, @Leea. Let me know if you run into anything else!

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    Hello @Alexia. I'm stuck with a similar problem. In my case, GST is set as recoverable tax on my account (Screenshot05). when I saw the sales tax report to check how much tax I have paid in total in the month, I realised the amount is way less than the reality. My guess is, GST(NZ) setting on wave system has a bug, especially on “bill” transaction (not on “receipt” transaction).
    Can you check it for me please?

    I’ll explain detail below.

    After checking all the transaction on the month, I found, only the tax paid on “bill”-payment are NOT counted. Tax paid on “receipt”-payments are counted. (I manually calculated and reality matches with my guess) (ScreanShot00)

    Next, I found on the transaction list under accounting, receipt transactions have GST icons, but bill transactions don’t. (SceenShot01) (screenshoot02=example of receipt)

    Then I tried to edit the bill transaction, but the option I am supposed to be seeing is not there. (“add tax”?)(ScreenShot04)

    Furthermore, I double checked the bill input, and GST was mentioned on the bill. (Screenshot03)

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  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 1,910 admin

    Hey there @koko

    This is interesting, I just created a bill with a recoverable tax and marked the bill as paid and it seemed to show up in my sales tax report. Can we try a few diagnostic things here?

    1. Can you create a new tax that is recoverable. Call it tax test so it's different from the others.
    2. Create a test bill and add this tax. Mark it as paid and make sure it's in your date range.
    3. Check your reports in both cash and accrual and select the correct date range.

    Does this transaction appear? You can see that from my screenshot there is no sales tax tag, however there is $65 of tax added to this $500 bill payment.

    Keep us updated :smile:

  • kokokoko Member Posts: 2

    Hello, @BarsinA.
    Thank you for the advice.
    Yes, all plays as you mentioned.

    Eventually, I found where I went wrong. So, I'm all good now.
    Just in case you are curious, here below is my finding.

    It was about the sales tax I paid to government this month (march) , according to the sales and purchase in last month (february).
    Because of this, the figure I saw on wave report was coincidently very similar (by a few cents!!) to
    (sum of GST paid on all purchases) - (sum of GST paid on bills) = (sum of GST paid on receipts)
    I found this by checking detailed transactions on sales tax report.

    I did not know this function (detailed report) exists. I feel like I am a dinosaur..
    Thank you very much for looking at this so deeply and checking the wave functions like you did.

  • QaisEQaisE Administrator Posts: 72 admin

    Hey @koko! First off, I'm really happy to hear that Barsin was able to help you out on this one. Also, I really appreciate you going into detail about how you were able to find the information you were looking for - it will be tremendously helpful for those in the Community that run into the same issue. If you run into any technical issues that you need help with, you know where to find us!

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