Remembering Categories?

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I'm a long time QB Online user switching to Wave (as QB has taken my subscription from $270 to over $600 in one year with no added features).

One item I don't see which saves me a LOT of time is the system remembering what account (category in Wave) I've set a transaction to. For example, I set "DEBIT CARD PURCHASE XXXXX6193 DNHGODADDYCOM XXXXX8855 AZ" to an expense account I setup for "Domain Registrations". The next time it shows up, it still says "choose a category".

Am I missing something or is this yet to be developed?

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  • KevinJusticeKevinJustice Member Posts: 4

    Also as an aside...there is some logic in there but it's not always correct. I have a transaction "DEBIT CARD PURCHASE XXXXX6193 ONE STOP CAFE SALISBURY MD" which is a cafe - and it always decides it should be in the "repairs and maintenance" category.

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    Hi, @KevinJustice.

    Wave doesn't currently have automated categorization. There is some limited auto-categorization built into our bank connection system coming from our bank data provider, but that's not something we have direct control over.

    With that said, it is something we're working on! I don't have details to share or a timeline to offer just yet, but this feature is coming and we're really excited to show it off!

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