Feature request: customer CSV

amm975amm975 Member Posts: 2

We can upload customer CSV sheets to Wave, but I would really appreciate being able to download the sheet too. I have manually input many customers now and would like to be able to 'start' an CSV list using those customers as pre-generated entries. Please implement soon!

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  • Finn_KingslandFinn_Kingsland Member Posts: 19


    There's a customer list in the zip file from the global export thing, isn't there? You have to go to your settings and I think it's the last link on there.

    The file does match the requirements for the customer upload feature, which is a little weird, but it still might help out. I'm assuming those two were just built at very different times.

  • amm975amm975 Member Posts: 2

    That is exactly what I needed. Thank you.

  • Finn_KingslandFinn_Kingsland Member Posts: 19
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