Translating estimates and invoices

choxchox Member Posts: 1

Is there any way to make some advanced invoice template modifications in order to translate strings to another language or at least to translate exported PDF estimate or invoice? I can now translate exported PDFs with a 3rd party PDF tool but it's not really convenient since changes are not permanent (in case I loose manually translated PDF file I'd have to export invoice and translate it again).

Having an option to change default strings such as "Grand total (%currency%)", "Subtotal", "Bill to" etc. would be an awesome addition to already awesome app.


  • QI StrothmannQI Strothmann Member Posts: 1

    no there's not a way to translate the rest of the components :( hoping we might see more customizable options in the future, fingers crossed! :)

  • MarkMark Member Posts: 5

    Is it possible to add a second file, a translated version of the invoice, when sending invoicees?

  • AlexiaAlexia Member Posts: 3,314 ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @chox, @QI Strothmann and @Mark.

    That's right, Wave currently doesn't support other languages than English, and your only option for now is to customize what you can on the invoice customization page. I understand that this isn't an ideal solution, it is just a workaround and that can be frustrating.

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