Editing columns of esimate

Rory LucasRory Lucas Member Posts: 1

In the case where some invoices are for time (days and rate) and some are for products (price and quantity), it is useful to be able to edit the column headings of invoices from the defaults I have set.

However this does not appear to be possible for estimates, Does anyone know a way to do this/can this feature please be implemented Wave.


  • Ellie_Writes_ThingsEllie_Writes_Things Member Posts: 42 ✭✭

    The estimates interface looks like a dated version of the invoice, so my guess would be that it requires updates before it will have the same options available.

  • Kevin KellyKevin Kelly Member Posts: 2

    Yes, It would be nice if you could duplicate an estimate as well. This feature is available on invoices so why not add it to estimates as well. It would be a great feature.

  • janettejanette Member Posts: 1

    I have a service business and the estimate feature only allows for product estimates. Is there a way to change this? The settings page lets me set the invoices to service but there are no options for estimates. I also need a signature and date lines at the bottom of the estimates, has anyone managed to do these things on estimates?

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