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Abdallah_IbrahimAbdallah_Ibrahim Member Posts: 2

Hi wavers,
The default dates for all transactions and reports set for current year . Is there any option at settings screen to set your preferred period with following options :
Preferred Reports Period:
Current Fiscal year
Current month
Current quarter
Previous month
Previous quarter

I think it will make wave using easier as now each time i open transactions, p& L , sales invoice, .... i change date from 2018 to current month .


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  • CentanniCentanni Member Posts: 27

    I don't think you can set it by default, @Abdallah_Ibrahim. They appear from newest to oldest, tho, so you'll be seeing the current month of transactions first.

  • Abdallah_IbrahimAbdallah_Ibrahim Member Posts: 2

    Thank you , @Centanni , i think it will be a good feature to be added :) .

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Thank you for the feedback, @Abdallah_Ibrahim!

    Can you tell me more how you would use a feature like this in the context of your daily workflow? Do you just prefer working on the current month in isolation, or do you find you need reports only covering the current month often enough that a feature like this would save you a lot of time in the long run?

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