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    I have been using Wave for 7 months now. I am really trying to make it work for me and my company, and there are many things I like about it. BUT I keep getting the feeling that I am trying to drive while only being able to see through the rear view mirror. I would rather look through the windshield!

    1. Being able to view and schedule upcoming bills whether they be monthly, quarterly or yearly is very important. Scheduling upcoming, recurring bills is a very basic feature- dare I forget one of my quarterly estimated tax payments! Should I mention the way another program handles this function? One enters/schedules the bills according to the frequency they need to be paid and enters a set amount upon scheduling or chooses to be prompted to enter an amount (if the bill fluctuates). The upcoming bills can be viewed in a list according to due date for the upcoming month or even year. One can choose to have them auto enter or be reviewed/edited and one click to enter in the proper account. One can even highlight an older transaction and (without entering all the info again) have that transaction copied into scheduled transactions.

    2. It seems as though Wave functions in "arrears" for lack of a better term. I like the ease downloading transactions but only showing CLEARED checks or transactions doesn't give you an accurate balance. This is more important in your bank account than your credit card account. Does anyone enter their checks as they write them any more? Even though I have a big enough "cushion" in my checking account, I still like to have it reflect the real balance.

    I did see the new function to duplicate a transaction - so far it doesn't really help with the issues above.

    Maybe I am just old fashioned, or I don't know how to get Wave to do these basic functions - both are real possibilities!

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    Hi @mia.

    1. I understand how frustrating it can be to expect to see a given feature and have it not be available. I can tell you that we are listening to your feedback. While I can't make any promises, comments from our users have a significant impact on how we choose what to build next for Wave. Thank you for taking the time to share yours.
    2. You would have two option to handle this. Either create a separate account for undeposited funds to act as a transit account while you're waiting for a transaction to be cleared, or add them manually. In the latter case, however, you won't be able to reconcile your transaction with your bank statement. Our bank connection system uploads transactions as they appear on your bank statement, which will only show money that has been fully processed.

    We're always looking to improve what Wave can do and welcome your feedback. Thank you for taking the time for sharing.

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