Manually recording wages without payroll

waikikiwaikiki Member Posts: 5

If I can't use payroll because I am outside of Canada/ US what would be the best way to record wages (4 employees) along with taxes and benefits related to the wages? Is it manually through journal transactions? If it is so when we know the taxes owed but they will only be paid at a later date of when the journal transaction is made (when nett wages are paid) , how should we go about recording the date when the taxes will be paid since one can only input 1 date for every journal transactions?


  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi, @waikiki.

    That would be logged through journal entries, yes. You would enter the taxes you owe to a liability account called "Employment taxes payable" or something along those lines. When you do make a payment to those taxes, you'll create an expense transaction from the account you used to pay those taxes, categorized to that liability account. You'll date that transaction on the date of the actual payment.

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