Manual Bank Connection Verification

tbernatberna Member Posts: 2


I tried connecting a bank account and received a message that the support team needs to manually verify the request. Is this where we request the verification?


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  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi, @tberna.

    Were you logged in with the email you use on the Community when you got the verification request? You should've been able to click the "Submit request" button to get to the ticket rather than be redirected here, given that you are in the United States.

    Let me know if it's the case and I'll put a verification request through for you.

  • tbernatberna Member Posts: 2

    Yes, same email. When I clicked on the Submit Request link, it took me to a discussion that had been closed.

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Thank you for following up, @tberna.

    I've let the right people know about the redirection issue and I also filed a verification request for you. Those usually take up to 24 hours to process. I'd recommend trying it out at the end of the day today, and if it's still not working, it should work by midday tomorrow.

  • TEDxMinneapolisTEDxMinneapolis Member Posts: 1

    @Alexia the same thing is happening for me - can you please submit a verification request for my account as well?

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Absolutely, @TEDxMinneapolis. I sent in a request. I'll follow-up with you once it's done.

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi, @TEDxMinneapolis!

    The verification was complete. Can you try connecting to your bank again?

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