Import from Quicken? Easy transition?

Walter GruningerWalter Gruninger Member Posts: 1

Hello! I was wondering if I could import my Quicken file to use as a continuous register rather than starting anew as a Wave client?


  • Jose MastrocolaJose Mastrocola Member Posts: 1

    Hello! I believe Wave supports importing transaction history through spreadsheets, can you do that with Quicken?

  • GERALDO HevnerGERALDO Hevner Member Posts: 3

    ^as above I belive wave supports various kinds of importing

  • GERALDO HevnerGERALDO Hevner Member Posts: 3

    checked, and it looks like .QFX (Quicken) files are supported, so you should be able to get your history in that way and then continue adding to it either with the connection or by downloading files from your bank

  • Eric_MAEDSEric_MAEDS Member Posts: 1

    QFX files are files that you download from your bank to upload TO Quicken. QXF are what we can export FROM Quicken. I've got years of data in Quicken that are all categorized. I haven't found a way to import from Quicken that would transfer over everything. I don't have time to go through thousands of transactions to re-categorize everything, so this feature missing is keeping me from switching to Wave.

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