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CharlotteCharlotte Administrator Posts: 412 admin

Uploaded a receipt and have your bank account connected? Marked an invoice paid and have the payment import from the bank as well? Duplicated income or expense transactions are now easier than ever to manage with the merge function.

Simply select two transactions that are both deposits or both withdrawals, with matching amounts and accounts and click the merge button highlighted in the above image.

Merged a duplicate but need to reference some details of the source transaction? Click 'View source transactions' when viewing the details of the merged transactions to pull up all the details:

What do you think of this feature? Has it been useful? Anything you think we can improve? Let us know below!


  • ndjndj Member Posts: 1

    Wow, this is so useful. Let's me enter a transaction manually that I know is coming and when it shows up due to import I can just merge.


  • EarlEarl Member Posts: 1

    Thank you very much for this feature! Now we dont need to delete bank transactions that match up with a receipt - awesome.

  • JustinAJustinA Member, Administrator Posts: 11 admin

    @ndj @Earl Good to hear you're both finding merge useful! Thanks for the feedback.

  • prmsssprmsss Member Posts: 2

    Awesome :) I've been waiting for this - very useful icw bank transactions import!

  • mmckiviganmmckivigan Member Posts: 1

    If a check is recorded in a money in transit account, and then it comes through on the bank import it would have been nice to do this with a one click merge. When I try to merge it says it can't merge from two different accounts. So to get around this, I have to move the money in transit record to the same account then do the merge.

  • JustinAJustinA Member, Administrator Posts: 11 admin

    @mmckivigan Thanks for the feedback! In this scenario you don't want to merge the transactions though. When the transaction comes in via the bank import you should be categorizing it as a transfer from the money in transit account.

    This will ensure the income/expense is correctly bookkept on the day you logged the check in the money in transit account, and your balance sheet correctly reflects both the balance of the money in transit, and the account the check was deposited in or withdrawn from.

  • ABKABK Member Posts: 1

    "When the transaction comes in via the bank import you should be categorizing it as a transfer from the money in transit account."
    YES. This is EXACTLY what I have been searching tutorials to figure out. To be clear, 1) I have a $200 check received (from an invoice payment) line item with "money in transit" account 2) And then now bank imports line item for the $200 check with 'ABC Checking Acct' as the account

    So...HOW to do what I just quoted??
    3) "Categorize IT as a transfer" referring to EDITING the bank import transaction to make it a transfer somehow? Or "Categorize it as a transfer" by adding a third transaction--a "Created Transfer" ? (I saw instructions on "created transfer" somewhere amidst all my confusion)
    Thanks in advance!

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 2,581 admin

    Hi, @ABK.

    If you categorize the $200 transaction from your bank connection as "Transfer from Money in Transit" and choose your Money in Transit account, Wave will automatically create the other side of that transfer. So if categorize that transaction as a transfer, Wave will create a matching $200 expense to Money in Transit and categorize it as "Transfer to Bank Account".

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