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  • QuiteQuinnQuiteQuinn Member Posts: 4

    It has been almost a year since this feature was released and I still can't use it because my account hasn't been migrated. Is there something users can do to prioritize their migration? I'm considering switching platforms for something that has the basic features I need.

  • QuiteQuinnQuiteQuinn Member Posts: 4

    Can you instead advise us on how to use the URL to query for descriptions instead?


  • AGEAGE Member Posts: 2

    Hi, I have been using Wave accounting for a number of years. Looking forward to being migrated to the new application. How long will it be before I'll be able to make full utilization of search functionality?

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,572 admin

    Hi @QuiteQuinn . There's nothing that can be done to prioritize migration as we want to ensure that when our users are migrated, their historical data is left untouched and 100% intact. With this being said, when you are migrated over you will have the search functionality , but I can't offer an ETA as to when that will be. In terms of searching using the URL, it's not possible to actually use it to search transactions.

    Hey @AGE . As mentioned in the post above, we're actively working on moving our users over to the new system but we're working out a few kinks so that we know we can move your data over accurately. Because your account information is our priority, we need to ensure that these migrations happen correctly without jeopardizing any of your data. When this happens, you will be migrated, but I cannot offer an ETA at the moment.

  • kennethyimkennethyim Member Posts: 3

    It's June 2019 now, I would love to have this too!

  • ronpiperronpiper Member Posts: 1

    could you please advise when my account will have access to the new version of wave? how far off exactly this may be? I see that you have a search feature in the transaction list for over a year now but I still don't have it.

    The reason I am looking for an ETA for this is it will influence mine and several of my customers move to another accounting platform.

  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 389 admin

    Hey @ronpiper, @kennethyim, thank you for reaching out. First off I completely understand your frustration here in having to wait so long for this update. Unfortunately, the migration of every Wave account over to a new platform has taken longer than first anticipated! In full transparency, some of the new features that we did implement were not received very well by users, which is why we paused migration temporarily to iron out what we got wrong allow ourselves the time to update and improve those things! Although I do not have a specific date for when your account will be migrated, I can guarantee that it will be soon. As always, we really appreciate your patience & understanding.

  • WillistonWilliston Member Posts: 1

    Search does not work for partial matches. Example: Searching for the transaction with description "-ACT*YM-YWCA Vic" by typing the partial string "YMCA" does not return any results.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,572 admin

    Hey @Williston . Because "YMCA" doesn't exist as one piece in the transaction description, the system won't pull the info. If you search for "YWCA" as this is apart of your transaction, this will surface the transaction for you.

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