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    I'm not sure if this is the right spot or not. Could use some help with this. I have a company that pays a monthly retainer for my services. They pay on the 1st of the month. But depending on where my time is spent out of the month they charge to various accounts of their own. So at the end of the month they would like an invoice showing where my time was spent...

    How would I go about doing that?

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    Hi, @ckirschenmann.

    I went ahead and made your post into its own discussion since it didn't relate to the original question from that thread. In the future, if you do not find an appropriate discussion to join in with your question, just go to the most appropriate category and click on the "New Discussion" button.

    Wave doesn't currently have a time tracking tool, so this isn't something Wave will be able to do automatically. We are looking at releasing a new API in the near future, which will allow for new integrations with Wave. If you already have tools you use to handle this outside of Wave, we'd love to know more about them!

    You still have a few options to show this information on your invoices, but it will have to be entered manually. You could break down that information in the description of a line item on your invoice, or in the Notes section.

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