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VigneshVignesh Member Posts: 1

Hello, I am owning a small business in India and am getting small jobs from the US to get things done in Software industry. I am having my payroll in India and I am not able to enter the payroll expenses in the app. Is there a possibility for that? I can calculate the total amount to be spent on employees with tax and other benefits and just put down a number. I am trying to do that as a Bill now - every month I create a new bill since recurring bills are not possible as well.

Please let me know if there are any ways to get it done.


  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi, @Vignesh! Thank you so much for your interest!

    Our payroll services are not available outside of Canada and the United States. We'd love to expand beyond these two countries eventually, but there are no concrete plans to do so just yet. We're still working on perfecting that service in those countries, and we're unlikely to expand until we have.

    For now, you'll have to handle payroll through other means and add your payroll expenses to Wave manually.

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  • JerryJerry Member Posts: 3

    @Alexia can't the payroll feature be made standalone? where as we enter the taxes percentage manually? Thanks

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi, @Jerry.

    Payroll by Wave offers a host of features, from paying your employees via direct deposit to, in some states and provinces, handling your payroll taxes. It is one of our paid services and we believe in offers excellent value for your money. If you'd like to read more about it, you can do so here.

    If you find that you don't need those features, you can use other means to calculate your payroll taxes and enter those numbers manually on your Transactions page using journal entries.

  • nkostopnkostop Member Posts: 1

    Hello, if I add the payroll on the journal it doesn't count as expense. Is it better to add it as a bill?
    What do you suggest for us that we live in Europe?

  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 639 admin

    Hey @nkostop! Thanks for reaching out here. I'm afraid I don't know the principles outside of North America. Generally, we would say to categorize the expense (or withdrawal) transaction for the Payroll as a 'Payroll Expense', but there could definitely be other ways to do account for this! It might be best to reach out to an accountant in your area, to get some regionally specific advice!

  • AccountsProAccountsPro Member Posts: 56

    Payroll for South Africa would be much appreciated. We don't mind manually loading the tax or entering it on the fly.

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