"Invoice Payment" category can't be changed, what to do to match up with other sales

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When take a payment from a Wave invoice the category is "Invoice Payment". But I want to change it to "Sales" to match up with the rest, it's not possible to change the category and "Invoice Payment" is not an options in the pull down for others.

I want all my revenue/sales to be under one category. Suggestions?


  • BryceproomeBryceproome Member Posts: 1

    I have exactly the same problem.

    Please help?

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi, @steve99 and @Bryceproome.

    The category that it will show under in your reports is linked to the products on your invoice. The default category for those items is Sales, so if you haven't changed it, it's where they'll end up regardless of what appears on the Transactions page.

    It shows "Invoice Payments" because you can set products to use different accounts on the same invoice. If you do, that transaction will be split into different accounts on your reports.

    I hope this helps!

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    I have a similar problem. I created several invoices with products that defaulted to 'Bank Interest'. On the Account Balances Report, I see a lot of income for Bank Interest. So I changed the category for the products to 'Vacation Rental Income' (which is what I want), but the Account Balances Report still shows the same income amount under Bank Interest. I've logged out, refreshed, waited a day for things to change, but the report hasn't updated to reflect the changes. Advice?

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  • oneleafoneleaf Member Posts: 2

    Okay, I think I might know the answer. I went to edit one of the invoices, and as I hovered over each product, a little bubble popped up to let me know that I can change the category for each product, but the change will not apply to past invoices. So it seems I'll have to delete all the invoices and re-enter them again.

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi @oneleaf.

    You can just delete and re-add the items to those invoices, and then save those invoices. Changing the account for a given item on the Products and Services page does not change your invoices retroactively, so changing all of those accounts is a bit more work. You're well on the right path!

  • Wavemike1944Wavemike1944 Member Posts: 7

    I really wish you bring back the inward invoices ones paid and credited change instantly to payment..... and the red outstanding red invoice ones paid disappeard from the screen. It was beautifull and clear now I dont know how to credit anymore, why did you change this beautiful clear inward invoices and also you took the second button away
    It was perfect before and really easy to identify any unpaid invoice.

  • EricBEricB Member Posts: 5

    You DO NOT need to delete the invoice!

    I had the same issue with the default being set to "Sales" when I wanted it to "Consulting Income" as they are VERY different in a software development business. Here's what I did:
    1. Go to Sales/Products & Services
    2. You should be on the Products and Services (Sales) page. From the list of products and services, select the item that you need to change.
    3. Click the edit/pencil icon to the right of the item. The _Edit a Product or Service
    page should appear for the item.
    4. Select the proper account from the Income account dropdown control.
    5. Click Save. After saving, you should be returned to the Products and Services (Sales) page.
    6. Go to the Invoices page and find the invoice which was affected by the incorrect product/service account.
    7. At the far right of the affected invoice in the list, click the dropdown arrow and select Edit.
    8. Once the invoice comes up, clicked on the blue Save and Continue button.
    9. Now go back and run your report. It should be corrected.

    Hope this helps!

  • BarsinABarsinA Administrator Posts: 1,535 admin

    Hey @EricB

    This is great advice and works! Thanks so much for your contribution in our community :smiley:

  • EricBEricB Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for your message, BarsinA. After fixing this issue for my business, I uncovered a couple of other issues in Wave which are associated with this initial issue and need to be addressed by the devs.

    First of all, there is no General Ledger access in the new version. If there was true GL functionality, then we could have edited the items manually, and corrected all of this in minutes.

    Although there were no items associated with my "Sales" category/account, I would still see a "Sales" category with an amount on my Cash Basis P&L -- but no other report. Opening that category from the report would show nothing -- no entries. What made it worse, is that the entry amounts did not exist anywhere in the system. Due to the amount of time it was taking to work with Customer Service on this, I had to find the solution in my own.

    In my case, the mystery payments were associated with an invoice, so their description included an invoice number. Being a developer myself, I opened the debugger and did some investigating, but I'll save you those details, and give you the steps that worked:

    Do the following (steps are for the Chrome browser):
    1) Open the affected P&L.
    2) In a separate browser window, open the affected invoice.
    3) **IMPORTANT** Press F12 in Chrome to open the Development Tools window.
    4) Copy the payment details to paper or take a screen capture.
    5) Delete the invoice payment.
    6) Refresh the P&L in the other window and see if the category total changes or goes away.
    7) If so, then this payment was corrupted.
    8) Return to the window from which you deleted the payment.
    9) Click and hold the refresh button with your mouse until a menu appears on the button. This only works if the Developer Tools window is showing.
    10) Click the bottom option to clear cache and do a hard refresh. This should not affect any passwords, browsing data, etc. The cache that is being cleared, is the data cached for the site content.
    11) Reenter the payment.
    12) Return to the P&L browser window and refresh the page. If the category disappears (or it's new totals are accurate), then this issue has been resolved, and you can close the Developer Tools window. If the category remains, then you need to repeat steps 4 through 12 for each payment.

    The recommendation to delete the entire invoice and re-enter it, was probably given in order to address this corruption with the payments. However, that might change the invoice number on reentry. Even if it did not, it would require a LOT more effort on my part to fix, than to address the corruption of individual payments, since my invoices for software development work are quite detailed.

    My recommendations for the Wave developers are as follows:
    1) Provide granular General Ledger access so that we can fix the problems individually. (I'm surprised auditors haven't already indicated lack of true GL functionality to be A CRITICAL issue!)
    2) Provide a button to aid in the change of a category/account, which addresses all necessary changes.
    3) Determine and fix the source of the corruption.

    I hope this helps! :smile:
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