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I am trying to run a report by account on our new Wave. For example, I created an account/category for "yearbook", then on the description I give a more detailed description, i.e. sales, cost.
1-When I run the report, it does not give me a report listing sales and expenses, only one or the other. Is this report possible? So I can run a report on sales or expenses, but not both.

2-Is there a report that lists all the accounts/categories with their sales and expenses all together? Or a summary of the sales/expenses for each account.

We are a small school non profit and we need these reports to be able to use this system.
Thank you for any feedback and advise.


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    Hi, @SophiaL.

    Income and expense are types of accounts, so looking into your "Sales" income account, for example, would only bring up income transactions. There are rare event that might trigger a negative income transaction (from a journal entry, or a discount on an invoice), but you'll largely only see that number go up.

    The Account Transactions report for your bank account might be more useful for your purposes. It'll give you a list of every transaction that has caused movement in your bank account, which should cover all incomes and expenses.

    If you're looking for reports comparing your income and expenses, you might also find both the Profit & Loss report and the Cash Flow report, especially in their detailed form, useful for your purposes.

    Does this help?

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