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Could we please have a workflow dashboard for the purposes of helping those not farmiliar with accounting and operations and
cashflow. I am well versed with finance and accounting concepts and standards however leaving business operations for someone to handle or post entries on my behalf becomes a training course resulting in time wasted as I will be forced to train everyone where to find the cashflow, receivables etc. Thanks

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    Hi @cliffbiz! This might actually be a case of "great minds think alike." :) I completely agree with you – a processes workflow would be a huge asset to those learning to use Wave (and accounting/business concepts). This is actually something we have on the road map for the Wave Help Center for the latter half of this year.

    I'd love to hear more about what you find your "students" struggle most with – do you find there are specific topics that consistently cause issues, or is there more of a need for a holistic overview of accounting concepts/the bookkeeping cycle? Looking forward to hearing from you :)

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    @Sophia hearing that this project is on the pipeline has to be the greatest news ever. They are not lecture students per se but rather employees of other departments like warehouse purchase and supplies..while the accountant may understand where the purchase order has originated from to where it is headed and where it currently is, the staff under stock keeping inventory is limited with regards to information on delivered stock ordered stock received stock and payed stock in the wave system. While he may be able to trace them physically it's more tedious and time consuming training and explaining to the staff the status of orders also for sales department officers. Having a workflow brings everyone on board to be in a better position to inform the customer, vendor at first glance. This also clears items overlooked or lost in many transactions. Hope this helps.

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    Hi @cliffbiz thanks for that detail! It sounds like your team is tracking a lot of inventory/stock and I can understand why a workflow map would help all employees be on the same page.

    What we have planned for Wave's educational resources (while still in very early stages) will look more like process maps for using Wave, and for performing the accounting/business processes that Wave facilitates. We're creating this with an eye to enabling the kind of comprehensive understanding you describe wanting for your team.

    However, as you know, Wave doesn't offer an inventory tracking functionality, so we won't be able to offer that sort of process mapping. Just wanted to add some clarity here so you could know what to expect from us! We really appreciate you taking the time to tell us more about the work you do.

  • cliffbizcliffbiz Member Posts: 9

    @Sophia thank you for your response, I'm looking forward to what you are making. It will go along way in helping us.

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