How do you record new equipment leases on wave

MMaynardMMaynard Member Posts: 5

Recently purchased new printer for my business, which is under a 5 Year lease, how do we record with wave, payments , value etc


  • LagoFinancialLagoFinancial Member Posts: 9

    Hello @MMaynard,

    You would record the purchase against a new Asset account you would call Printer and the loan against a new Liability account you can call the name of the creditor. The printer will be depreciated over its life, or Section 179 expensed entirely, and the payments posted against the specific Liability account you created. This entry would be a Journal Entry.

  • MMaynardMMaynard Member Posts: 5

    Thank you and greatly appreciated , could you give me an example of the journal entry for the lease payments debit/credit etc

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Hi, @MMaynard.

    I can chip in on this one! Here's everything you'll have to do:

    • Create two accounts on your Chart of Accounts: an asset account for the printer and a liability (Other Long-Term Liability) account for the lease.
    • Create a journal transaction that debits your Printer asset and credits the liability of your lease, each for the total amount you'll owe.
    • When you make a payment, just create a bill on the Bills page and choose the liability account you created for your printer's lease as the category.

    Does this help out?

  • MMaynardMMaynard Member Posts: 5

    Yes it does thank you, for the asset account, do i put the full value of the lease, or current value of machine, example value of printer is 3000, but with total payments of lease it will come out to 4586

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