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kiribisskiribiss Member Posts: 1

The reminders feature is useful, however, I found an issue which is bothering me. Let me explain.
Let's say a client has gone overdue on their payments for 63 days. I then decide to send them a reminder. A few days pass and I decide to send them another reminder. However, there is no indication of when the last reminder was sent out before, which can be a cause of confusion. This can cause issues with sending reminders too close to each other, or too far in between.
Can the date of the last reminder sent be made visible? This will help with overdue reminders planning. (it could be exactly the same as it is with the Last Invoices sent dating).

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  • MJSMJS Member Posts: 13

    I have this issue as well as many of our clients pay after 30/60 days. If we could have an option of automatically sending reminders weekly or at the end of the month that would work great. Additionally if the system would automatically recognize all the outstanding invoices and send just one reminder email for all the invoices, similar to a statement, it would be ideal.

  • AlexiaAlexia Member Posts: 3,314 ✭✭✭✭

    Hi, @kiribiss and @MJS.

    Thank you both for your feedback. Can you tell me in what field you work in? Is it common for both of you to have very late invoices?

    Our automated reminders only go up to a 2 weeks after the invoice date. You can set reminders to be sent out automatically at a few different intervals during that period.

    If you do deal with invoices that are paid later than that on a regular basis, I can see how a feature like this could be useful.

    @MJS, you can send out a customer statement to your customers as a reminder of all their outstanding invoices. To do this, go to Customer Statements, under Sales, choose a customer and click "Send". It isn't automated, but it might still help out.

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