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Another new feature to streamline your workflows, keyboard shortcuts!

When you’re ready to save the details of a transaction, simply hit “Ctrl + S” (Windows), or “⌘+S” (Mac).

What do you think of this feature? Has it been useful? Anything you think we can improve? Other common actions you'd like to see us introduce keyboard shortcuts for? Let us know below!

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    Interesting and valuable so that you can keep hands on home row and not use the mouse -
    my pet peeves within the UI are:

    • when entering a transaction as soon as the calendar widget opens you cannot get rid of the widget without clicking outside the widget with the mouse. Entering the date 2,9 followed by enter should close the widget and then tab could move you to the next field.
    • When selecting a date range default the start date to beginning of the selected month and end date to end of selected month.
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    Happy to hear you're enjoying the new shortcuts, @aad!

    Thank you for sharing your feedback on date fields as well. I can see how both of these things can be frustrating.

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    This is great. Feature request for additional Shortcuts:
    Next/Previous- in Transactions (just like in Gmail)

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