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    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts on this.

    @loveoflogos thanks for adding your voice to the discussion. It's helpful to know how important this feature would be for your business.

    @ademarco I've moved your post here to join the discussion with other members of the community. If I may draw your attention to the post above by our SVP of Product which has some context for the current state of the product.

    @MS_PSS Thank you for sharing your experience from the purchasing side. It helps us understand purchasing professionals would use a feature like this, since it may be different than its use elsewhere.

    We appreciate your honesty and the time you've taken to help us understand why this is so important to you. We're definitely taking this to heart as we plan future development. The feedback you've shared will have a great impact on those future discussions. Thanks again everyone!

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    Hi. I am also in need of integrated PO inside Wave. It's kind of what's keeping me from using it more often. I am using a basic spreadsheet to manage most of my books. Trying to find more incentive to full convert over.

    1) I conduct a metalworking business in which I sell products that I design and have manufactured.
    2) I generally issue about 1-2 a month currently but they are important orders and I am increasing the volume of POs as time passes.
    3) Here are some tiered needs that I would like to see (some workflow too):

    • At minimum, I need a form generator that I can fill (preferably auto-fill from a DB) to send to a vendor (or at minimum download and email). Also a record or created POs.
    • I would really like a an integrated PO that can draw information from a saved database of vendors as well as use duplicate information from past POs (like recurring POs). Ability to download and/or send via email to vendors listed email. Sent POs on my books mean nothing until I receive my order along with the bill. So an option to convert a PO into a Bill would be nice. It would be prudent to allow edits to the Bill conversion process since PO fulfillments aren't an always exact match and sometimes include extra fees (shipping).

    I think a lot of people would like to see something as a simple form generator as a start. It would give us confidence that such a feature may be coming and would eventually be apart of a full featured PO system anyways. Having those forms save to records or draw from a database of vendors would be ideal as a minimum PO system.

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    I have used Wave for a couple of years and have just edited the invoice to read Purchase Order, this at least gives my vendor a copy of something like a PO. However, to have a smooth flowing system, it is imperative that we have a PO option.
    We purchase products and then sell them. Right now I am entering the "PO" as a bill and then doing a Ghost invoice so keep the flow of material in and then out.

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    I have a small business, and I thought Wave was a perfect fit. Until a supplier asked me to send them a PO. I cobbled one together using Shopify's PO generator, but I think my supplier caught on. They now speak to me using simple sentences with small words. Ugh.

  • jrollinsjrollins Member Posts: 4

    This is another basic feature that makes a big difference and is duly needed! We are trying to minimize double entries by using multiple software/programs.

    Please advise.

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    @TeknoXI @Purr_907 @must_have_PO @jrollins Thanks for the input and adding your voice for +1's on this feature request. We still don't have any immediate plans on adding the feature just yet, but once we have more information regarding this (or when/if we start planning to add this) we will be sure to let all of our users know.

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    making POs is essential for businesses that purchase materials +1 from me too.

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    First off, thank you to everyone in this thread who have taken the time to share their feedback and insights, especially in response to Mani’s post from last summer.

    In the interest of full transparency, from a project planning perspective we aren’t able to implement every feature suggestion or request. This doesn’t mean that we don’t consider customer feedback when we prioritize - for example, making major changes to reconciliation and migrating users from the old version of Wave into the new platform - simply put, right now we do not have plans to implement this feature. We are always working to make Wave better, and we thank you very much for your all your feedback over the past several months. I don’t want you to feel like all of this has gone unheard or that we haven’t (and won’t continue to) have serious conversations about this matter; as it stands there are other areas we have determined need to be prioritized.

    We don’t want to set an expectation that this is going to come now, or in a year from now, but if we do have plans to release a specific feature similar (or exactly like) a Purchase Order, we’ll notify you here. We are going to lock the thread for the time being so we can focus on the various insights everyone has shared here. If there is any update regarding Purchase Orders, we will unlock, post, and encourage feedback.

  • AceAce Member Posts: 5 ✭✭

    Does Wave support this service?
    If not I think it would be very beneficial to businesses like my own.

    Please take this kind of form generation into consideration in the future.
    My business is growing and I have clients requesting proposals in this format.

    What are other Wavers using to generate P.O. documents?
    I would greatly appreciate some guidance on this topic.


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    Hey @Ace! Thanks for offering your input on this, it's a great idea that we haven't implemented into Wave at present. We have a solution here that you might find some success in using, but because we haven't created it to be used this way, you might find some speedbumps.

  • JamrJamr Member Posts: 37

    I very much miss the PO function in QB. Since Wave has no PO function, nor purchase documentation, I was wondering how most people are doing Purchase Orders?
    I am using Bills with limited success as Wave does not keep my purchase price anywhere. It is difficult to easily create a PO with any business continuity or digital paper trail.
    How are you doing this?

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    Hey @Jamr

    I've merged your comment into the previous purchase orders discussion so that when our product team looks for future updates, it will be consolidated into a particular location.

    Unfortunately at this time we do not have this feature and I apologize for that. But do have a read through previous users' posts!

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