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    I also need PO functionality.
    Type of business: Technical consulting, usually regarding hardware design.
    How frequently do you use purchase orders: About once a week.
    How do POs fit into workflow: Whenever I buy custom hardware or require a service (machining, etching, polishing, circuit board manufacture, sheet metal bending, etc.), the vendor requires a PO. Pretty standard way of doing business.

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    Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to share your feedback.

    I understand that it's frustrating to find that a feature you assumed would exist in Wave doesn't. I can promise you that we have every intention of making Wave as useful a platform as possible to help your business. Because our focus has been primarily on building features that help businesses that offer services, we have not prioritized features like this one, or inventory management, for example.

    It's clear that some businesses that offer services do use purchase orders in their day-to-day, from the accounts and use-cases we've collected here. I'm not in a position to guarantee a timeline or promise that this feature will be added to Wave, but I do read your comments and make sure they are passed along to our product team, who make decisions on what to build next based on a variety of factors, including feedback from our users.

    We really appreciate your feedback. It allows us to work towards making Wave into the best platform that it can be. Thank you.

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    Prioritization is potentially the hardest thing we have to do in my opinion @DannyW. As a non-Developer Waver who has had to have the "we don't offer PO" conversation a few times I understand part of your frustration (as a business owner I know it's much more frustrating) and used to think it was an issue of resourcing ("make a developer turn Estimates into POs!") but there are indeed many, many factors involved. Countless businesses rely on POs to function and there are no POs in Wave. We've recently allowed for Contractor payments through our US Payroll offering which to me is a step in the right direction towards offering POs. I want you to know that I am listening and our Team has really gotten involved in our Community as of recently to make this even more clear.

    We do have a Profit & Loss Report that generates based on the transactions (debits and credits) on your Transactions page but if you are explicitly reliant on POs this wouldn't meet your needs and as such Wave would not.

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    I own a service business and still need to be able to raise purchase orders in order to buy the stock to resell. I then need to be able to convert the purchase orders into bills when the invoice is received.

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    Thanks for the insight on your workflow @DS_1 - helps our Product Team greatly. Lots of moving parts with the purchase order, bill, invoice, etc. but if it helps you run your business it's definitely on our radar.

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    After reading nearly a years worth of comments I have come to the conclusion that there has been no PO feature added the very reason I signed up for this accounting software - aaargh frustrating

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    Really need Purchase Orders to be able to create from Quotation ! We are useing manager.io who has this very much needed function, I just love to use Wave....but without Purchase Order it doesn't work..sorry

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    Sorry, I have to agree. Without being able to convert an estimate, into a purchase order - it doesn't work.
    Please look at implementing this, otherwise you have a winner of an accounting package!

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    1. What type of business do you conduct?
      We have an IT company that mainly provides services, but also resell hardware and software.

    2. How frequently do you use purchase orders?
      We use POs for almost every hardware and software order we place with a distributor / manufacturer.
      All the major distributors require a PO for an order to be placed. No PO, no order. Unless we are quickly buying something from a retail store on the way to a client, we require a PO.

    3. How do purchase orders fit into your business workflow?

    • The customer places an order with us.
    • We confirm the price with the distributor and send a PO to reserve the stock and set a fixed price (exchange rate fluctuations can be a killer).
    • We then invoice the customer, and they pay us.
    • We pay the distributor and attach the proof of payment to the PO - for quick reference.
    • Our POs have statusses assigned to them, based on how far the order process is. For example, POs can be labelled as Order Placed, Order Confirmed, Order Processing, Awaiting Collection, Stock Collected, and Order Complete. We follow-up on all the outstanding POs with the distributors, and need to have them organised and easy to find.
    • We then convert the PO to a supplier invoice (bill) and attach the actual supplier invoice to the record.

    I would like to offer an additional requirement with regards to POs. When we resell software, there is a RRP (Recommended Retail Price) that we have to charge. The manufacturer (or local distributor) sets the price. As a reseller, we get a discount, which is our profit. This helps ensure that the customer can buy from any reseller at exactly the same price - i.e. the service they receive determines who they buy from, not the price.

    For this reason, we require the PO to have a discount field - a global discount on the order, not line item based. We send the PO to the distributor, with the RRP as the price. We then add our discount, and are left with the price we should pay. The discount varies based on your reseller level / status (number of clients, number of orders per month, certifications, etc.) and is different from distributor to distributor.

    If the discount % could be added to the vendor record and pulled into the PO, that would be awesome. At the moment we are using a Sage product, and we have to fill the discount field manually every time. This gets confusing when you are working with dozens of distritors, and you have to keep notes on how much discount you get from which distributor.

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    We appreciate the compliment @AshDZA. Thank you for the feedback!

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    Has there been any progress on this matter? I am still using a modified template of the estimates to generate the PO and then use Acrobat to remove the text referring to estimate, not a good way to get around it.

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    Over a year now that this was raised as an issue and nothing has changed, so can we conclude that there is no intention to implement PO facilities in the near future?
    I hesitate to criticise Wave since it's a free service but issues like this, and the inability to save/deal with electronic format bills are reasons that I am regretting migrating to Waves.
    Otherwise, it has a lot of positives, but over a year of inactivity on key functions suggests this is not a reliable model for businesses.

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    HI Team,
    PO is mandatory in Indian Market, without PO many clients reject deals :neutral:

    waveapps have any road map for same?


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    Want to add one more voice of the customer regarding a PO feature in Wave. I am currently in the process of converting from QB Online to Wave as QBO is charging me $60 per month. Like many others, I have chosen Wave due to Customer Reviews and low to no-cost accounting software. I have 3 businesses that I plan to use Wave for, 2 of which are service only businesses and 1 is a products based business. All 3 businesses use Purchase Orders for tracking on a fluctuating frequency, sometimes up to 5 per day and sometimes only once per week. Having Purchase Orders is very valuable to me in order to keep on top of purchases made as I am able to determine if items have been received or if they are on back order or if they never showed up.
    The missing PO feature in Wave will not keep me with Quick Books at $60/month, but it will provide me with justification to continue looking for the most cost effective, all-inclusive accounting software for helping my businesses succeed. I would consider paying for this feature, if it is well-developed, just not $60 per month.
    I am very pleased with Wave, but also feel that adding a PO feature should be a top priority, before the negative comments start showing up on the internet when people are looking for and comparing accounting solutions for small businesses.
    Thank you for your time and Happy Holidays,

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    I wanted to add my two cents to the PO discussion. I'm setting up everything on Wave and like the interface, but probably the most important thing that I need is to create PO's to send to my suppliers whenever a customer places an order. I sell 3D Printers, and I would have at least several a week. Any status updates on if wave will provide this feature in the future?

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    After reading back on all of the comments for the past year on this issue, I wanted to add some insight for what my organization is looking to do. I will start by saying that I have a lot of experience in the accounting world. For the past 18 years, my primary roles have been in accounting for the companies I have worked for. In 2 of the 3 companies, we relied heavily on POs. I am currently the President and acting Treasurer for the Ladies Auxiliary of my local volunteer fire company. We went with Wave because it had excellent reviews and as a non-profit group, we really don't have the funds to justify the cost of other accounting software programs.

    1. What type of business do you conduct? Ladies Auxiliary for a Volunteer Fire Company (non-profit)
    2. How frequently do you use purchase orders? fluctuates depending on the activity, could be several a month to 5-10 a month
    3. How do purchase orders fit into your business workflow? Every purchase we make needs to have a PO associated with it, even if it is running to the local grocery store to purchase a package of cups. All purchases need to be approved by our board before they are made and then the PO needs to be attached to the bill/receipt when submitted for payment or reimbursements. Quarterly, we need to turn over copies of our accounting to the fire company for auditing and to be passed along to the accountant. At this time, we are using hand written POs, but it would be much easier for the paper-trail as well as for creating reports if we were able to generate POs in the accounting system and then apply the bills against the PO. It would also make it more difficult for someone without authority to "create their own PO". We don't like to think that someone part of a non-profit would try to steal from the organization in that manner, but sadly it is a possibility. It would just be a big plus all around.
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    Fairly obvious that doing business including doing PO's.
    Please add, Wave. I mean you can practically copy and paste the Estimates or Invoices section and tweak a few things to address above comments discussing "work arounds"

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    I don't need PO's yet, however my choice of accounting software makes it hard to move forward with one that doesn't offer it. I'm testing Wave, and its great for ease of use and everything, just missing PO's

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    @mko219 @wbp @NBLadies @garth @Kevin_KJO @WebVeer @andynoiseboy @YoYo @Cindel29_30 @peterpan @AshDZA and others: thank you for your continue engagement here. I'd like to acknowledge that this conversation has been going on for about a year and we have not shipped this functionality for you. We definitely understand why you need Purchase Orders and value the input on how you use them.

    I want to be direct with you so you can make the best decision for your business: after careful deliberation amidst all of our customer requests and business needs, we have not prioritized building out a Purchase Order feature in the first half of 2019, and we will be revisiting this decision in Q3 of 2019. At that time, we'll reassess our ability to build a quality product to serve your needs, and I'll return to this post to let you know if we've put Purchase Orders on the docket.

    Does that mean we don't value your input or care about your needs? Absolutely not. In fact, we brought your feedback pretty deep into our planning process for the first half of 2019. We simply couldn't commit to work here as we continue to enhance other areas of our ecosystem, including (but not limited to) Transaction Management, Invoicing, Payroll, Reports, API, and User Management, with some of our focus geared more towards service based businesses in North America.

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    I would also like to see Purchase Order functionality. In my business I need to provide Purchase Orders to my suppliers in order to place orders. They require it. I will also get a receipt and that's what I enter in Wave, but it requires me to spend twice the amount of time with each order because I manually create the Purchase Order, then also have to enter it in Wave as a receipt. If I had to do it once, that would be wonderful.

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    Another (very pleased) Wave user here, voicing the need for a PO system. As my small business has been growing, I've been interacting with larger and larger businesses, and placing a PO is rapidly becoming a necessary requirement of mine. I acknowledge Wave's responses earlier in this thread, and just want to voice my need so when the time comes in Q3 of 2019 this can be prioritized for the many small users-turned-bigger users (thanks Wave team!) here in the Wave community.

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    I would strongly urge for Wave to incorporate some type of PO system. I would pay for this added service. Even adding an integrated app would be useful. I just found out about Wave today and signed up right away, but upon looking and not finding a PO option, I'm just not sure how it will work without it. One of your selling points is that you're better and offer more perks than Quickbooks but PO's are part of the Quickbooks software, not sure why this feature isn't incorporated already.

    I'm a distributor and I need PO's because I drop ship items and vendors always require some type of document with the items that need to be purchased. Sometimes it's more than one vendor for one order, which means multiple PO's. Even in the service industry if products need to be purchased, it's more than likely a PO will be needed. I hope Wave can add this feature in the near future @Mani @Alexia

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    I also wanted to add that using the estimate page for PO's is not a plausible solution since I need to track my estimates and invoices apart from my expenses. My reports would be off @Mani @Alexia

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    How do I generate purchase orders and print them, Most of my suppliers require written Purchase Orders which have to be mailed to them.

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    I would think for many of us the ability to create Purchase Orders is of great importance on a somewhat daily matter. I cannot imaging the other areas that you are directing your resources to are in greater demand. After using QuickBooks for over 20 years, Wave appeared to be a great alternative that promised to offer everything QB had... (but no POs). After spending extenuating time transferring all my accounts, vendors and customer information to Wave, I am at a quandary, do I move forward and try to "force" a PO or find another software program that offers what I need, especially since Wave is not looking into this until Q3 2019, and then still maybe a No Go. Does not sound promising.

  • HigherComfortHigherComfort Member Posts: 2

    Love Wave overall. Extremely disappointed Purchase Orders, a very basic need for many businesses, is not provided.

    1. What type of business do you conduct? Manufacturer / Distributor
    2. How frequently do you use purchase orders? ~10/month
    3. How do purchase orders fit into your business workflow?
    • We submit Purchase Order for goods/materials to supplier, which is required by all of our suppliers. It's a written commitment to purchase goods and defines what you're committing to purchase: specific product, quantity, payment terms, shipping info, etc.. Manufacturers don't just build your $50k order because you said you wanted it on the phone or in an email.
    • Supplier sends Order Confirmation to us prior to filling order so we can make sure details match our PO and we're all on the "same page".
    • Supplier send Invoice to us when order ships
    • We pay Invoice to Supplier when due (based on NET XX Day credit terms)

    Because Wave does not have PO functionality, we have to create POs using a spreadsheet template, PDF it, submit to Supplier, then input the Invoice info from Supplier as Bill in Wave. Creating POs in external program and then re-entering same info as Bill in Wave so we capture our current Accounts Payable information is a major duplication of efforts and another opportunity for input errors. As a Seller, Estimates can be converted to Invoices. As a Buyer, Purchase Orders should be available and able to convert to Bills.

    Having experience in various industries, the lack of PO availability in accounting software bewilders me. I suppose I'm mostly shocked that you have (or at least feel you have) a large group of customers that DON'T use POs? In my experience it is standard procedure for any business purchasing goods from another business.

    Anyways, it's obviously a sore subject for many. I've "suffered through" this lack of functionality for the past 1.5 years because I like what Wave offers in general, and have only now taken the time to log in to the Community Forum to throw in my 2 cents, which I rarely do. I imagine there are a good number of users out there who are also frustrated with this lack of what many consider basic/required functionality, whether they take the time to log in and say so or not.

    I think much of the frustration is how easy it seems to be to add this functionality since it mimics Estimates to Invoices. I don;t care if the PO shows up in my AR, or if it only shows up once I convert it to a Bill. I just need to be able to input my order, export the PO to PDF, and convert the PO to a Bill later.

    Thanks guys, hope to see this added soon as it is coming to a head on our end and will unfortunately need to jump ship in the near future if we don't at least get confirmation that this is in the works.

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    Hey all. Thanks again for your much detailed feedback and giving us an idea of what your workflow looks like in Wave and without the functionality of Purchase Orders. To backup what Mani has stated -- we are looking at options for this in Q3 of this year. With that said, if we can get more detailed feedback based on how your businesses are operating with Purchase Orders, it will give us a stronger sense as to what we can present to our users in the future. Appreciate the time you've taken here and hope to see more feedback from our users.

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    I just created my Wave account. I was also surprised that there wasn't the option to create a PO. Not sure what to do now, since the functionality will/may not be available until the 3Q of 2019.

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    I receive purchase order from schools I deal with. The amount of the purchase order is to be used for the school year and to have several invoices charged against it. Is there a way to enter a purchase order and then apply invoices at different time to the amount of the purchase order?

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    I all,
    I'm a new Waiver. I started using it for a small business, after it was recommended by a friend, an accountant.
    From my point (as an Procurement professional), let me explain what a PO is in simple words: PO is a LEGAL obligation (a promise) given to vendor that buyer will pay for the ordered products and services. POs are a vital part in any business and I can only agree with the above comments - it would be nice to have this feature integrated.
    We are already creating a catalogue of items to sell (which we have to buy as well) and it would be nice if we could merge POs with vendor's invoices.
    I can see this will take the accounting software to another level, as there are many things to be considered for an upgrade. Still hoping for a quick upgrade (or integration with a purchasing software), but in the meantime I'm looking elsewhere. Sorry Wave team.

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