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I researched before asking this seemingly dumb question. In order to received an (email?) alert an invoice has been viewed is there something that has to be done like a setting or will Wave automatically do that? Thanks in advance

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    Hi, @Durvana.

    It isn't currently possible to set up an alert for you to be informed when an invoice is viewed.

    Do you find that your invoices don't make it to your clients often, or is this something you'd like to have for convenience?

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    I'm enclosing a quote from a book entitled How To Start Your Own Real Estate Photography Business For invoicing I use Wave.  It is a free online program and its works flawless for me.  It allows me to accept credit cards (for a small fee, same fee structure as PayPal) and once a client has paid it allows me to send a paid receipt. " Another feature that I really like is that it alerts me when an invoice has been viewed by the client. No more wondering if the client received the invoice! Wave also has a mobile app as well.

    Hartley, Brian. How to Start Your Own Real Estate Photography Business!: A Step-by-Step Guide to Show You How to Begin Your Own Real Estate Photography Business in 14 ... for real estate, photographing houses) (Kindle Locations 481-484).

    Could it be Wave used to have this feature and no longer does?

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    I'd like to bump this request.

    Being able to be alerted when a client views an invoice would be great, but for me even better would getting setting up a notification if an invoice is NOT viewed after a period of time, so I know which folks I need to follow up with--I do have it happened that the wave emails end up caught in junk mail filters, but as it stands I need to hover over each old invoice or open it up to see if it's been viewed. I generate quite a few invoices each month so having something like this would be really helpful.

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    @prevision and @Durvana The alerts they are referring to when an invoice is viewed are available today in Wave. They are done through push notifications to our mobile apps. Once an invoice is viewed we will automatically notify you if you've enabled notifications.

    Visually on the invoice and in the invoice list, you can see if an invoice has been viewed as well, although this is passive and not done through an alert.

    While we don't have a notification that the invoice has not been viewed, you can set up invoice reminders so that it will email your customers automatically to remind them to go view and pay your invoice.

    @prevision You mentioned wanting to be notified if an invoice is not viewed in a certain time period. How would you imagine this working for you and would it be tied to reminders or something separate?

    You can download our mobile apps here if you don't already have them!



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    Thanks for your response. Here is why I'm asking about notification about unviewed invoices:

    Based on my experience using wave over the last few years, about 10% of the time invoices are send via wave they end up in clients junk mail folder. As it stands, while I can get notifications about who has viewed my invoice, I have no idea who hasn't viewed their invoice unless I log on to wave and go through the invoices one by one. Prior to invoices becoming past due, it's pretty easy to see their status as viewed, however once they become past due it requires opening each invoice and checking, or at least hovering over each item for a few seconds. While yes, I can setup reminders for past due invoices, if the original invoice went to junk mail then the reminder email likely will likely end up there too so that doesn't help. I can and often do ask clients to make sure they add the wave email to their safe sender lists, etc. but there is no way I can really be assured that happens, adds a burden on my clients, and just adds complexity.

    This could be improved upon in at least two ways I can think of:
    1. Having a simple notification option to send me an email or some sort of other notification that states Invoice X was sent on Date Y and hasn't been viewed after Z days would allow me to follow up with folks in a timely and targeted way to make sure they receive the invoices.
    2. Making viewed/not viewed a standalone column so that status can always be seen in the list, even if past due.

    Again, not impossible to do this the manual way, it's just that when I have 25-50 unpaid invoices it takes a fair bit of time to go through these all and I don't always have time to do that--the end result is I end up not getting paid by certain clients in a timely fashion.

    This addition would be most helpful to me and I imagine many others as well.

    Thanks for your consideration!

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    Thanks for the feedback and in depth explanation!

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