Is there a way to search transactions by amounts?



  • Zoe_caffZoe_caff Administrator Posts: 376 admin

    Hey @JKetter , thanks for your in put on this. This feature is not on our immediate roadmap, but a huge factor that allows for new features is user feedback, this thread is super beneficial and not being ignored by our product team.

  • SDPSDP Member Posts: 1

    Hi WAVE:

    Love the service - adding to this thread...

    Searching by amount is a powerful tool that would be appreciated. For example - when I come to categorize my transactions - I have checks that have been written monthly for the same amount - to say - the dog walker, or the gardener. If I do a search for that amount I can quickly locate all those checks and categorize, if I had an amount in the search filter.

    Please keep it on the development list! It would be a simple but welcomed feature.

    Thank you.

  • jonkwilliamsjonkwilliams Member Posts: 3

    Hi, @Zoe_caff. I was just Googling to see if there was a way to search for for transactions by dollar amount because sometimes when my reconciliation is off by a certain amount I want to search for transactions with that amount. Pretty surprising to see that Waveapps doesn't allow for that. And I have to say that as this thread started almost a year ago and plenty of others have chimed in since, it would appear that it is, indeed, being ignored by your production team. Would it really be that difficult to add to the search bar?

  • JMacJMac Member Posts: 1

    Status update on Search by Amount, please. Basic function. Should be in production ASAP.

  • AnthonyMAAnthonyMA Member Posts: 16

    I find it very peculiar that an accounting program doesn't allow you to search by amount. It's not as if the facility would be difficult to add.

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