Double sided receipts

vmailvmail Member Posts: 9

Does Wave supports 2 sided receipts?


  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Hi, @vmail.

    While you can't use Wave directly to scan multiple pages of a receipt, you can combine two images using a different app and then upload that collated picture as your receipt.

    Do you often deal with double-sided receipts? What kind of information usually ends up on the back?

  • vmailvmail Member Posts: 9

    It was from one supermarket that I visited frequently. The front has the supermarket names and products purchased, the rear has the time date and amount

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Yes, @vmail. In that case, your only option if you needed both sides of that receipt would be to take pictures of both sides, combine them using a different app and then upload that combined picture.

  • maklienmaklien Member Posts: 3

    Just to highlight that @vmail is not on his own here - I have now had this problem twice and it would be handy to have the app automatically combine the pictures rather than going through the cumbersome process you explain above. Two sided receipts have happened to me with office supplies bought at some supermarket, for example, and the receipt running over several pages. .

  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 513 admin

    Hey @maklien, thank you for the feedback and I definitely agree, this would definitely improve the functionality of our Receipts uploader. We are currently looking into ways to implement enhanced receipts uploading, as well as ways to have transactions and their relevant documents better synched up in Wave. I can't make any promises as to timelines or exact plans for features, but keep an eye out for updates in the future!

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