Customise Payment Reminders/Receipts

Amadeus HoffmannAmadeus Hoffmann Member Posts: 1

Hi community.

How can I customise my "Invoice Reminders" or "Payment Receipts"?

In my case, I want them to be written in German and a few more details.

Is there a way to change the default text?

Thank you


  • GERALDO HevnerGERALDO Hevner Member Posts: 3

    I've been told there is no way to customize these reminders.

  • stephenthorstephenthor Member Posts: 2

    This absolutely needs to be customizable! At least the phrasing anyways. I have customers who pay 50% almost a year in advance so the reminder sounds really rude. See below.

    "You have not yet completed payment. The invoice was issued 10 months ago."
    My company

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Thanks for your feedback, @stephenthor. I'll pass it along.

    For the time being, the reminder's text is...

    Just a friendly reminder. You have received an invoice that is due on Dec 31, 2018, and have not yet completed payment. The invoice was issued on Jan 01, 2018.

    Is there a specific way you would change this text? Would you prefer customizing it for individual reminders?

  • stephenthorstephenthor Member Posts: 2

    Maybe an editable template for starters. I like your idea of being customizable for individual reminders too. Thanks!

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Thanks for following up, @stephenthor!

  • islandeffect758islandeffect758 Member Posts: 1

    Hi, I'd like this as well for the receipts - to be able to create and save my own template with wording that better reflects the transaction

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Thank you for your feedback, @islandeffect758!

    Could you tell us a bit more about the kind of information you would add to the body of the text for receipt emails? It'll give us a better idea of your needs, which always helps in seeing what impact a feature like this would have.

  • itsmeevanitsmeevan Member Posts: 1

    My suggestion are,
    1. Leave the layout intact just like you have.
    2. I need to change the wording on "Reminder for Invoice #438", perhaps can use shortcode like "Invoice [inv-number], which [inv-number] is representing the correspondence invoice number.
    3. The most important of my desire on this payment reminder, is to change the image you stuck there (unpaid & paid).

    Think thats all.

  • James_HudsonJames_Hudson Administrator Posts: 92 admin

    Thanks for the detailed feedback, @itsmeevan ! We can never guarantee when changes will occur to a specific part of the app, but this kind of information is good for us to have!

  • ashipkaashipka Member Posts: 3

    I also need this to be customizable. I have customers that pay a 50% deposit about a year in advance, but the remainder isn't due until a month before their event date. So they always need a gentle reminder that the balance is coming due. The wording "...have not yet completed payment" sounds a bit rude when the invoice is not yet overdue.

    I would change it to this if I could:


    Just a friendly reminder that the balance of your invoice is coming due in [due-days]. In order to avoid any unnecessary delays, please complete your final payment before [due-date].

    Amount Due: [amount-due]
    Due: [due-date]

    As always, feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions, or would like to chat!


    I would also remove the "UNPAID" stamp because in my business it looks extremely tacky and unprofessional.

    edited November 5, 2018
  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 374 admin

    Thanks for the feedback @ashipka! This is the type of insight we need to hear, so even though I can't assure you that these updates are made, this is how we keep the ball rolling towards useful refinements!

  • PeacockSolutionsPeacockSolutions Member Posts: 3

    Totally agree with a lot of the comments in this thread.

    As it stands, for me, I cannot send the receipts/reminders as they are currently set up, mainly because of the obnoxious "PAID"/"UNPAID" stamps, but also because there is no way to show the GST breakdown that appears on my customised invoices.

    It would really be great if these could be set up in a similar way to invoices: Allowing us to edit and export as a PDF to send on to the client.

  • AndyFromWaveAndyFromWave Administrator Posts: 7 admin

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! The product team at Wave is always looking for opportunities to provide new value to customers. My team is currently revamping the underpinnings of invoice services and we have plans to update the Reminder/Receipt send experiences. Please continue to provide your feedback here as we conduct customer research!

  • comoxvalleyartscomoxvalleyarts Member Posts: 6

    nice to hear. Agree that the big stamps across things should be optional...

    and while we're on the topic of receipts TO customers, having some way of seeing that one has been SENT already (and the date) would also be helpful when trying to track workflow. It still surprises me that they aren't sent automatically - or that there isn't a setting to turn that on/off.

  • KarinSKarinS Member Posts: 1

    Just came here to ask about customizing the receipts template, which has been an issue for me all the time I have been using Wave. And so glad to hear it is being addressed. Great! This to me would be a real value add.

  • JaimePauloLopesJaimePauloLopes Member Posts: 1

    I'd love to be able to link a Customer feedback form in my receipts. At the moment I have to paste in the text manually every time, so being able to customize the standard text and include that link automatically would be awesome!

  • tiftaytiftay Member Posts: 1

    This feature would be extremely helpful to me, as I have several clients that I offer various services for, all invoiced differently. If I could save them time by indicating which service this invoice is for in the email, it would be very helpful! Many of my clients also opt to pay via PayPal, and since there isn't a payment button integration for that, I usually add a link - would be extremely helpful to provide this link in the initial email as well.

    Hoping this becomes a reality soon!

  • Zoe_caff1Zoe_caff1 Administrator Posts: 81 admin

    Hey, @comoxvalleyarts @KarinS @JamiePauloLopes @tiftay all great suggestions so thank you so much for your feedback! As you can see from above our Product Team is aware of this thread and listening to all of your feedback, so keep it coming. Your feedback is essential for planning out the roadmap for Wave, especially being able to determine whether or not a feature would be a game changer for you! Thanks :)

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