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CetustoneCetustone Member Posts: 30

Collaborator have three of access View Only, / View And Edit, / View, Edit, And Send....
But with these accesses I have some security and integrity issues, Specially with View and Edit And View, Edit and Send permission, as I need to assign someone to book-keep my accounting but when I give permission to Edit he/she can delete and/or modify any of my transactions
Though he/she sometimes need to modify or delete some entry, which is wrongly passed, but giving full access is bit too problematic keeping my business account with this software.
If you can assign the "Verify" access to the main and accountant's account, but not to bookkeeper account may solve the problem, also if you assign verify to accountant's account he/she should not have access to cancelling the verified transition, only the main account holder should have the access to verified transition cancellation.
And Verified transitions should be 100% non-editable and non-deleteable, unless it is cancelled by the main account holder
So, if you can make some more access permissions for Wave, I think we can be very much benefited with this software and Wave can also be more secure accounting software....

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  • KenjKenj Member Posts: 27

    It will be great for verified transactions, the accounts holder can have the rights to correct any mistake and move it out of the biz to another biz if was wrongly posted to save time.

    And there could be an audit trail of what collaborators have made changes to - to easily correct any errors or alert owners of anything of major concern.

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi, @cetustone and @Kenj.

    It isn't currently possible to edit collaborator access, but there has been talk about adding more precise control over collaborator permission elsewhere on the Community.

    Thank you so much for your feedback! I can't promise this feature will make it to Wave but know that feedback from our Wavers does have an important impact on how we choose what to build next.

  • CetustoneCetustone Member Posts: 30

    When I Verify any transaction, with my vouchers (paper vouchers), and printed copy invoices and someone changes the transaction it is really a problem,
    What I am saying is when it is verified it should not have the ability to ve edited or deleted, only after the main account holder unverify the transaction only then it could be edited or deleted. and the collaborator should not have the access permission to unverify any transaction.
    any accounting transaction integrity is very important.

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Thank you @cetustone!

    Is that something that's happened to you before?

  • CetustoneCetustone Member Posts: 30

    Can anyone explain me the difference between the Admin and the Editor?
    Account Security and Integrity is an serious issue we are facing
    Having problem with VAT and Tax inspections from Govt., they don't want to except any transaction that is so easily editable.
    Why the verified transactions can be edited, without un-verifying?
    @AlexL , @ChelseaK @BarsinA @Emma @Alexia

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  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,574 admin

    Hey @Cetustone , the admin permission is essentially like the owner but with a different email. They can access accounting banking info, payment info, and update this info as well. Although the editor can access your accounting transactions, they can't change back account info itself. You can get a breakdown of this in our User Permissions Help Center article.

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